86 Season 3 Release Date And Everything You Must Need To Know

86 is a fictional anime that get fame and reputation because of its amazing storyline and idea. The series depicts the storyline of atrocities of battle and fight between human beings, which drew the attention of fans and critics also.

Eighty-six seasons 1 and 2 were released yet, and both are loved by fans and lauded by experts. After watching the previous two seasons now, fans are waiting for the next one! They are curious to know what happens next in the storyline? So, here we are with all updates and recent news on 86 season 3!


86 Season 3 Release Date

86 Season 3 release date

86 season 2 last episode was released on December 19, 2021. Regarding season 3, the series has not yet been renewed for next season. We are waiting for the revival of the series for season 3. Also, there are no updates on the production or filming status.

But the rumors spread that 86 season 3 is in production. So, it’s a good chance that the series will come back. Previous seasons of 86 were loved by fans and lauded by critics, and also got amazing reviews and ratings.


So, we will surely get 86 season 3. But there is no release date fixed for season 3 yet. We have to wait for some time for the next installment.

Considering all the facts, it is expected that 86 season 3 will release in 2023 or maybe later. If any official info reveals, then we will inform you!

86 Season 3 Cast

86 Season 3 release date


The anticipated cast of 86 season 3 is as follows:

  • Hasegawa, Ikumi being Milizé, Vladilena
  • Suzushiro, Sayumi in the role of Kukumila, Kurena
  • Fujiwara, Natsumi being Rikka, Theoto
  • Chiba, Shouya will act as Nouzen, Shinei
  • Shiraishi, Haruka being Tanya, Kaie
  • Hayami, Saori will perform as Emma, Anju
  • Yamashita, Daiki being Keets, Hart
  • Yamashita, Seiichirou in the role of Shuga, Raiden
  • Ishiya, Haruki in the role of Irma, Daiya
  • Sugiyama, Riho will act as Penrose, Henrietta

86 Season 3 Plot

86 Season 3 release date

In the fictitious Republic of San Magnolia, the anime depicts a conflict. The Republic boasts no losses in the conflict against the Giadian Empire because they utilize autonomous drones to combat.

It was a massive deception. The Republic sends individuals beyond the 85 district regions to fight the war.

These folks are termed the “Eighty-Six.” To bolster their assertions that there are no victims in the conflict, they keep the presence of the Eighty-Six a secret. The Republic has no concern for these individuals.

The tale concentrates upon Lena (Vladilena Milizé), a freshly promoted Major of the Republic. She assumes the position as the Spearhead Squadron’s Controller, the Eighty-elite Six’s personnel on the front lines.

Lena is an optimist, but her world flips upside down when she joins the squad, learns the brutal truth, and recognizes her privilege.

86 Season 3 release date

Upon entering Spearhead Squadron, she encounters Shin, the Undertaker. The anime chronicles the friendship that Lena and the members of the Squadron establish during the challenges they experience together.

The second season has not been completed yet, but because it will cover volumes 2 and 3 of the light series of novels, we believe the third season will begin translating to Volume 4.

Titled ‘Under Pressure,’ volume four spans the third plot arc of the book and has Vladilena Milizé following in the footsteps of the Federacy’s military. The freshly created Eighty-Sixth Strike Package will engage in a risky operation to retake the formerly Republic city of Charité.

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86 Season 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 3 yet. Moreover, the series is not renewed for season 3 yet. You can check the 86 season 2 trailer below for now. We will surely update this section when we get the latest official info regarding 86 season 3.


Where To Watch 86 Season 3?

86 season 3 will release on Crunchyroll. All previous seasons are available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.


That’s all about 86 season 3; you must need to know. I hope you like this post. Have you watched previous seasons of 86? Tell us in the comments section! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives who are fans of this series! Please stay connected with us for more updates!