Adam Lambert Boyfriend: Is Adam Lambert Into Guys?

If you have seen the eighth season of American Idol, then you might be aware of the runner-up of the show Adam Lambert. From the start of the season, Adam Lambert was spot on and was rewarded with a humongous fan following for his performances. His wide range of vocabulary and control over his vocal has amazed many audiences, and it powered Adam to be one of the most successful contestants of American Idol 8. Apart from his singing, Adam Lambert was in the news due to his stylish looks and how he presented himself.



Recently people have shown their interest in knowing the relationship status of Adam. They are still confused about whether their favourite singer is single or in a relationship. If Adam is in a relationship, Adam’s partner is also being discussed by the fans. Please continue this article, as we will cover Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend in detail.


Adam Lambert Boyfriend: The Singer Has Gone Upwards After American Idol



Adam Lambert was the sole of American Idol 8 and was one of the main reasons for the show’s success. He showed great control over his vocals, and his method of delivery was appreciated by many of his fans. He was also widely discussed for his dressing sense, and his humble nature was the highlight of his journey in American Idol. After becoming runner-up of American idol, he has achieved so much in his life. Recently, he was seen in a live show alongside Queen in London O2, and the show was a huge hit. People loved the performance of Adam Lambert. A successful show wasn’t enough to divert the attention of the fans from Adam Lambert’s gained weight; however, if the buzz is to believe that Adam is trying his best to regain his shape.


Adam, after turning runner-up, dropped his first-ever album in the same year, 2009. The album was a huge hit, and worked as a progressive backup after the beautiful American Idol journey. The name of Adam’s debut album is Entertainment for you. The album was a hit on the charts. The album was followed by several hit music and sold-out shows. Adam Lambert reportedly made $35 million the previous year. With major contributions from his music, his advertisement, and various other ventures. It is said that Adam Lambert has sold over 3 million copies. He is also worked as a songwriter and a producer in many hit songs.



Recently, the singer has gained a great fan following, which has powered some weird searches related to Adam Lambert. Out of those queries, one most common search related to Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend. Many of his fans are confused about whether Adam is single or not. This has sparked serious debate over the internet, dividing people into two halves. If yes, they want to know more about their boyfriend. So, to inform our readers, it is said that Adam Lambert is not single; he is in a relationship with Oliver Gliese. Another widely asked question is Who is Oliver Gliese? Please continue this article as we cover more about Oliver Gliese on Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend.


Adam Lambert Boyfriend: Who Is Oliver Gliese 


Being a celebrity is very difficult. You are never protected from the camera; everybody wants to know more about you, not respecting the singer’s privacy. Recently, people are showing interest in knowing the personal news of Adam; they want to know more about his relationship and what Adam does the whole day.


People over the internet seem to be interested in Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend. So, according to many reports and the pictures that have been going viral on the internet, it is said that Adam is in a relationship with Oliver Gliese. Oliver Gliese was recently spotted kissing his boyfriend, Adam Lambert. Now, as the pictures are getting viral, people started to discuss Oliver Gliese more. Oliver Gliese is an Innovation forum assistant working for Global Fashion Agenda. He organises and helps organize different international companies during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. So that’s it from this short post on the relationship of Adam Lambert.


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