Boo, Bitch Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And All Updates

It may not be Halloween, but Netflix is releasing a spirit this summer. Boo, Bitch, casting To All the Boys Star Lana Condor, debuts July 8 on Netflix, and the latest teen humor show focuses on a teenage spirit. But wait. What does that suggest for Boo, Bitch season 2?

Boo, Bitch tracks high school-aged Erika Vu, a wallflower who discovers her period to live actually might be up before she departs for college. 


She and her best buddy, Gia (Zoe Colletti), choose to transform their tales and let them open. Nevertheless, the dawning after a party, Erika finds she’s a ghost.

The comedy show might seem like it has a dim belief (because it does under the spirit), but Boo, Bitch will have you giggling ahead with the weird tricks and surreal plotlines. After all, it’s a moose shot by an 18-wheel truck that brings out Erika.

Currently, that you’ve managed all the wrenches and arches of the eight-episode show, you might wonder if you’ll be visiting Lana Condor back on Netflix for Boo, Bitch season 2. Here’s everything we have learned so far regarding the destiny of the series.


Boo, Bitch Season 2 Release Date

Sadly, Boo, Bitch has not been resumed by Netflix. As it is a mini-show and Season 1 ends with a piece of the storylines with closure, it is very doubtful that there will be Boo, Bitch Season 2. 

Also, after the premiere of Season 1, no authorized details regarding the series revival have been disclosed by Netflix. But, we all understand that Netflix never forgets to shock its spectators, and the show has received a heart-warming reaction from the audience. Let’s notice how creators and Netflix chose to shock the audience, if at all.

Sadly, nothing has been disclosed regarding the show’s renewal so nothing can be stated regarding the release date. But as Season 1 debuted on July 8, 2022, we can hope Boo, Bitch Season 2 to debut in 2023, preferably or later, probabilities of which are very small as it’s a little series.


Boo, Bitch Season 2 Release Date

Boo, Bitch Season 2 Cast

Actors who can be predicted to be portraying their roles in Boo, Bitch Season 2:

  • Lana Condor being Erika
  • Mason Versaw will play the role of Jake C.
  • Erin Ehrlich
  • Jamie Dooner
  • Zoe Colletti will act as Gia
  • Blake Goza
  • Aparna Brielle being Riley
  • Jonathon Komack Martin
  • Tim Schauer
  • Lauren Iungerich

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Boo, Bitch Season 2 Plot

Given that Erika is yet alive, the possibility to resume her tale exists. There’s even space to investigate Gia’s story in the hereafter and how she trades with leaving her buddies and household on Earth. 

Erika’s love story with Jake C. could resume connections with others like Riley. Gavin presents a fascinating future personality arc in the path of Gia’s death. 

A parallel story in a university setting could even be enjoyable, as Boo, Bitch’s casts, were on the point of high-school graduation. Otherwise, Netflix could ride Boo, Bitch into a collection show as it accomplished with The Haunting of Hill House. 

Boo, Bitch Season 2 Plot

Whether Netflix will bring up an option to renew Boo, Bitch stays anonymous. Currently, the series seems to have been completed after running eight episodes.

While Netflix shows no official teaser or details, we can emanate that in the eighth episode of Season 1, Erika, the mysterious teen, is satisfied with her unfinished company, and Erika calls the man of her goals. 

At the end of the dance, everyone appeared to make little changes; season one had the audience snapping out with a laugh, and there was no significant cliffhanger, going nothing to be restarted for the Boo, Bitch Season 2. 

But we can hope to catch Erika’s new travel as a spirit and a lot of acting and plot wrenches if there will be a Season 2.

Boo, Bitch Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 2. Check the season 1 trailer below for now:

Boo, Bitch Season 2?

Boo, Bitch season 2 will release on Netflix, and season 1 is available to stream on the same platform.