Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Dark Winds is a television series based on the psychological thriller genre that is aired in the United States. Based on the Leaphorn and Chee novels by Tony Hillerman, this novel series is set in a fantasy world.

There were six episodes in the series’ first season, which premiered on AMC and AMC+ on June 12, 2022. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator site that aggregates customer reviews, the series has received a positive reaction from critics, currently holding a 100% approval rating.


Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date

Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date

This series was renewed for a second season by AMC in June 2022, which will consist of six episodes. It is important to remember that the show was renewed a few days ago, so it may be difficult to predict when it will be released for the second season of Dark Winds.

The good news is that there is speculation that the upcoming season will not be delayed and will be released sooner than expected, which means the release date is likely to be somewhere between early and mid-2023.


Dark Winds Season 2 Cast

Dark Winds Season 2 Cast

The original cast of the first season is expected to return and continue the storyline that was introduced in the first season into season two.

As a result, we can list the following characters who have played prominent roles in the series and will appear in the next season too:


Dark Windows Season 2 Plot

Dark Windows Season 2 Plot

During the first season’s finale episode, HózhóoNaasháa, released on July 17, 2022, the upcoming season is expected to pick up where the first season’s finale left off.

In the episode synopsis, it is stated that Leaphorn, Chee, and Manuelito descend on the hiding place of the Buffalo Society, where they are faced with a difficult decision that could have a profound effect on their lives in the future.

The premise of Dark Winds Season 2 is expected to be based on this already established premise, which will, in turn, make for a thrilling pilot episode.

Furthermore, it is rumored that the series will pick up any potential cliffhangers and subplots in the first episode of the following season and dive right into the next season with more experiments, giving fans something new to look at rather than the same old themes that they have grown accustomed to.

Hence, the network must entice fans to stream the series to be able to generate the best possible content and plot for their show while placing the characters they love at the forefront.

Dark Winds Season 2 Trailer

As of yet, there is no trailer for the second season of Dark Winds that the makers have released. While we wait for the new season to arrive, you can check out the trailer from the first season below.

Where To Watch Dark Winds Season 2

AMC and AMC+ viewers can access Dark Winds Season 2 in various ways, depending on their location and membership plan.

It is also possible to rent or purchase Dark Winds Season 1 on Amazon Instant Video or iTunes, along with Dark Winds Season 2. It is up to the user whether they wish to keep their subscription active and continue viewing the series or not.

Final Word

A lot of people are watching Dark Winds season 2 these days, and there have been positive comments from people who have watched season 1.

Dark Winds season 2 has received great reviews from viewers, who have enjoyed watching all of the episodes of this new season and have given it high ratings.

Currently, HULU has not announced whether or not Dark Winds season 2 will be renewed. According to rumors, there is a possibility that the show may not be renewed for a second season of the show.