David Venable Weight Loss Journey All The Details

David Venable is an American chef and a host of the QVC live show. As a result of his popular appearance on “In The Kitchen,” he is one of the most well-known hosts.

There have been a number of TV shows he has appeared on since then where he has demonstrated his cooking skills, including his own “In Kitchen with David,” among others.


Even though he is passionate about his work, he has a quirky personality and a fun-loving nature which makes him loved by many. And today he has made his name quite famous through his passion ad hard work.

Biography Of David Venable

Biography Of David Venable

There is no doubt that David Koch, the famous host, and chef, was born on November 12, 1964, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States of America.


As far as we know, he was raised by his mother, Sarah Venable, and we are not aware of anything about his father. Thus David loves to keep his family information private. Therefore he has not shared anything about his parents or siblings.

In terms of his educational background, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned a degree in the field of radio, television, and film.

As soon as he graduated from college, he began his career as a columnist for the Oakland, West Virginia-based television station WOAY.


Several years later, in 1993, he joined QVC, where he began by promoting the gourmet food products that QVC provides to its customers.

His position on the channel evolved gradually into the one he holds today, and he started hosting his own shows soon after that. Aside from his cookbooks, he has also written three books, the most recent of which was Comfort Food Shortcuts: An “In the Kitchen with David” Cookbook, released in 2018.

David Venable Weight Loss Journey

David Venable Weight Loss Journey

It has been reported that David Venable weight loss got a lot of attention because he has significantly lost weight in the past few months-nearly, 50 pounds to be exact. Despite what many people believe, he is not ill but has changed his diet and lifestyle to lose weight to avoid being seriously ill.

Foodies can also lose weight if they maintain a healthy diet and engage in daily exercise. Due to the fact that he has maintained his diet very properly, he has been able to decrease the amount of weight that he is losing.

The rumors were that David had been very ill, and he had lost a lot of weight as a result, so there was speculation that he was very ill.

However, this is not what happened. He maintained himself very much in order to achieve the results, and thus the results are very clear to see. 

Career Of David Venable

Career Of David Venable

During the mid-1990s, David Venable joined the QVC channel as a host of one of the most popular shows with the name “In The Kitchen With David.”

Undoubtedly, he is recognized as a beloved food show host due to his ‘brown hair helmet’ and mouth-watering meals. In comparison with the previous airings of the show, his hosting significantly increased the show’s ratings.

Throughout his career, David has been recognized as a well-known program journalist due to his involvement in the entertainment and food industries as a journalist since the 1980s.

The most well-known aspect of David’s career is his work as a newscaster for WTAJ-TV, a Pennsylvania station. The following year, he moved to WOAY-TV in West Virginia, where he spent the rest of his career.

In the past, David was the host of the Kids’ Miracle Network broadcast for many years, which contributed greatly to the increase in his net worth before he joined QVC.

Final Verdict

He has amassed a considerable amount of wealth in his career as a host of a popular TV show and as an author. According to many reliable sources, as of 2019, he is believed to have a net worth of $1 million.

While he makes a lot of money as a host on the show, In The Kitchen With David, there is no doubt that the majority of his income comes from his professional career as a chef.

He also earns substantial money by selling the books he writes. Thus he is living a very luxurious life, and there is no doubt that people know him because of his work and personality.