Kiznaiver Season 2 – What Is New For Die-hard fans!

Kiznaiver is the anime of Studio Tiger, and there is a reputation that Studio Trigger doesn’t make sequels to their anime. However, there is no doubt that the first season of Kiznaiver has been a great success, and many fans are wondering if the second season is coming.

Among the most popular anime series in 2016, Kiznaiver is an action sci-fi series with millions of fans all over the world, and it has been produced by Studio Trigger, Aniplex, and Crunchyroll.


We cannot speculate about when the release will be made, but we can speculate that it will occur since the manga hasn’t yet been completed. However, the fans are eagerly waiting, as they don’t want to miss the opportunity to see and learn about the backstories of many of these characters would be great to see in the future.

Kiznaiver season 2 release date

Kiznaiver season 2 release date

The first episode of Kiznaiver season 1 aired on April 6, 2016, and it was broadcast until June 25, 2016. Because it’s no longer a recent anime, we can’t simply disqualify the possibility of a renewal based on the claim that it’s too old.


It has been almost four years since we have seen a striking increase in demand for a second season. But there are some reasons for which we can say that there are some possibilities that season 2 might not appear.

It is the performance of Kiznaiver Season 1 that may be one of the biggest reasons why we may not be able to see season 2 of the show. Despite the show’s creators’ best efforts, the first season was a financial disaster for the company. 

The sequel is not likely to come out for several years, even if the movie receives a renewal at this moment. Currently, there is no specific date has been provided by the tiger studio for the release of Kiznaiver season 2.


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Kiznaiver season 2 Story

Kiznaiver takes place in the evocative city of Sugomori, which bursts with innovation and innovative thought within the confines of the story, Kiznaiver, a thriller for the young audience.

The anime series is based on a story set in a futuristic town created as a part of a large-scale research program conducted by the Japanese government.

To test the Kizna System of showing them that they can share their pain and suffering, they choose six young children and bind them together as Kiznaivers.

Kiznaiver Season 2 Characters

Kiznaiver Season 2 Characters

In the series, which has a large cast of characters, the protagonist, Katsuhira Agata, plays a very important role as one of them. Katsuhira is apathetic and semi-emotional; he represents the story’s protagonist in an unflinching way.

Noriko Sonozaki is a female character with no empathy and no human kindness, a person who is unable to engage with her work environment.

Katsuhira’s formative year friend was Chidori Takashiro, who had been his friend since childhood. The deliquescent Haajime Tenga has an excessive amount of impulsiveness and rowdiness.

Maki Honoka is one of the smartest and most self-assured honored scholars in the school. And not only this, but Maki is a protective friend and always protects his friend Nico Niyama. And Tsuguhito Yota is an honors scholar and a good-looking young man who is good at what he does.

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Criticism for Kiznaiver

The anime has a lot of things that could be improved, but we do agree that some criticism could be given. However, a very valid criticism of the anime is that the cast of the anime is just too diverse for the short 12-episode run. The criticisms that the cast of the anime makes can be supported by the fact that the anime, at times, can be a little fast-paced.

Kiznaiver Season 2 Netflix

Kiznaiver Season 2 Netflix

However, till now, the show producers have not stated any news is reading the cancellation of the show. And thus, the fans can take this news in a positive way and can hope for the arrival of the second season of Kiznaiver.

All of this has been taken into account, even if the program were to be renewed today, which is something that has not happened. If we are still looking at a 2023 debut, that is the best scenario that we can hope for.

Therefore, the fans must wait till mid-2023; at that time, some news will definitely going to be released about Kiznaiver season 2. However, we can say that the audience’s reaction to the performance of Kizanaiver season 1 was generally positive, or it seems that they did not react at all to it.

Kiznaiver season 2 gogoanime

Moreover, the Kiznaiver season 1 is available in Gogoanime with English subtitles. We can say that now international fans can watch whenever they want to with English subtitles. Not only this, but Kiznaiver has a score of 7 on IMDb, which implies that it was one of the greatest shows ever in the year 2016.

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