Love Victor Season 4 Release Date: Will There Be Love Victor Season 4

Motivated by Becky Albertalli’s young adult fiction ‘Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and its movie adaption ‘Love, Simon,’ Hulu’s teen series ‘Love, Victor spins almost the life of Victor Salazar, a sophomore student who challenges and reasons out his sexuality while examining at Creekwood High School.

The sequel goes via Victor’s reaching out as gay, the challenges he faces later, and his complex relationships with his boyfriends and buddies.


Produced by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the ideological series was initially released on June 17, 2020. The series received tremendous praise from analysts and spectators alike, particularly for its charming narrative, a replica of LGBTQ+ personalities, and Michael Cimino’s version as protagonist Victor Salazar.

Since the third season concludes with Victor and Benji Campbell’s connection getting a critical point in their lives, the spectators must be keen to know about the possibilities of a fourth installment. Well, let us share what we understand!

Love Victor Season 4 Release Date

‘Love, Victor’ season 3 debuted on June 15, 2022, on Hulu and Disney+. The third season includes eight episodes with 24–33 minutes apiece runtime.


As far as the fourth season is involved, we may not have good news to share. On February 8, 2022, Hulu revealed the decision of ‘Love, Victor’ with its third season, showing that a fourth tour of the show is not on the cards.

The streaming platform and developers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger examined the show’s findings before creating the third season. “It [the conclusion] wasn’t ever the plan, but it was something that we spoke with Hulu and arranged well in advancement of the third season, which was awesome,” Aptaker stated.

Regarding the abovementioned elements, it is doubtful that ‘Love, Victor’ season 4 will ever be made.


Though we will not receive a fourth season of ‘Love, Victor,’ we can be optimistic that a unique project formed in the universe of Victor Salazar and Simon Spier will appear in the future. Until then, we can still come back to the three seasons chronicling Victor and his lovely friends’ stories.

Love Victor Season 4 Release Date

Love Victor Season 4 Cast

If the series gets renewed for season 4, then the expected cast is as follows:

  • Michael Cimino being Victor Salazar
  • Anthony Turpel in the role of Felix Westen
  • Mason Gooding being Andrew
  • Rachel Hilson will act as Mia Brooks
  • George Sear will perform as Benji Campbell
  • Bebe Wood will act as Lake Meriwether
  • Mateo Fernandez being Adrian Salazar
  • Ana Ortiz will act as Isabel Salazar
  • Isabella Ferreira in the role of Pilar Salazar
  • Anthony Keyvan being Rahim
  • Ava Capri in the role of Lucy
  • James Martinez will perform as Armando Salazar

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Love Victor Season 3 Storyline

In the third season of Love, Victor, the Creekwood High gang, start to consider their prospective lives behind high school finishes. As always, multiple heartaches are blended in with delight as old connections are broken and new ones are created.

Victor has to determine once and for all where his heart belongs. At the end of season two, he was excited with a selection between Benji and Rahim, the premiere fast solution to this cliff-hanger, yet his route to pleasure is an eventful one.

Victor decides Benji over Rahim and expresses his passion for the teenager. Although Benji has been consuming, they go for a purpose and are controlled by the police. Victor exchanges a seat with Benji, so he isn’t stopped. Felix and Pilar are now a thing, but she likes to keep it a mystery from her overprotective parents.

Felix isn’t pleased with this conclusion. Mia chases down her mom, and they speak for the first time in years. She invites her mom to move back to Creekwood, yet she refuses. Lucy and Lake kiss.

Love Victor Season 3 Storyline

Victor’s parents report that they are merrily back together. Rahim stays for Victor but admits he has been left. Benji chooses to go to recovery after almost being captured, counting that he’ll be headed for three weeks.

Nick learns that Victor isn’t over Benji, and they mutually break up. Victor expresses his love to Benji once more but is also late. Benji has chosen to move to board school rather. Mia and Andrew decide to try longer spans. Lake and Lucy drive up.

Victor’s parents choose to begin their own company together. Felix and Pilar get back jointly. Nick and Liam catch up.

Rahim and Connor are an object. Victor appears pleased to be single again and brings alone a journey on the Ferris wheel. At the final minute, Benji hangs up and hooks him on the ride. The couple kisses.

Love Victor Season 4 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 4 yet, as season 4 will not happen. Check the season 3 trailer below:

Where To Watch Love Victor?

All seasons of Love Victor are available to watch on Disney+ and Hulu.