Man With A Plan Season 5 Is Canceled On NBC! Check All Updates Here!

‘Man with a Plan’ is a household sitcom that rotates almost the life of Adam Burns, an ancient school contractor who discovers it challenging to counteract his private and experienced life as his stay-at-home wifey Andi returns to work.

It displays how Adam seeks to negotiate with the modifications when requested to set down his laid-back perspective and bring up more parenthood duties towards their three disobedient children. Developed by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, the humor series debuted on October 24, 2016.


Across four seasons, the series has garnered a powerful fan base and has slashed pretty even ratings. The fourth season documented a 17% growth in public viewership.

Despite its proper performance, CBS canceled the series after four seasons. You should be wondering why it was canceled, and is there a possibility we might receive ‘Man with a Plan’ season 5? Let’s uncover out.

Man With A Plan Season 5 Release Date

It is unfortunate news that on May 6, 2020, CBS officially canceled the series; hence, there won’t be Man With a Plan season 5.


It suggests that Man With a Plan season 4 is this series’s fourth and last season, despite the middle ratings and reaction to the series—not so pleasing, but not so bad.

This cancelation is probably because the series production price is too costly, and CBS likes to make some cost drops. Therefore, they cancel Man With a Plan season 5.

It was a bit of surprising and disappointing information for the lovers—particularly those who ignore Joey from Friends.


Nevertheless, fans can expect that other networks, maybe Netflix, will choose the show and resume from where it departed off to catch Matt LeBlanc similarly in Man With a Plan season 5.

Man With A Plan Season 5 Release Date

Man With A Plan Season 5 Cast

The anticipated cast of Man With A Plan Season 5 is as follows:

  • Matt LeBlanc being Adam Burns
  • Grace Kaufman, in the role of Kate Burns
  • Liza Snyder will act as Andi Burns
  • Matthew McCann being Teddy Burns
  • Hala Finley will play the role of Emme Burns
  • Jessica Chaffin being Marie Faldonado
  • Matt Cook in the role of Lowell Franklin
  • The middle child will perform as the Burns family
  • Kevin Nealon will act as Don Burns
  • Stacy Keach will perform as Joe Burns
  • Diana-Maria Riva being Alicia Rodriguez
  • Kali Rocha will play the role of Marcy Burns

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Man With A Plan Season 4 Storyline

In the final season, Adam Burns likes to do something special for his wifey Andi for their 20th anniversary. Adam then invites Lowell to uncover what Andi enjoys.

Finally, Adam questions Andi about having an RV journey equivalent to their honeymoon. Sadly, Andi does not like the anniversary journey. Andi despises RVs.

Marcy then facilitates Andi to speak to Adam, but she carries it back at first. Nevertheless, when Adam offers her a shovel and lavatory paper to do her company outside the next morning, she can’t have it anymore and bursts.

Man With A Plan Season 5 Plot

Eventually, Adam shows that this RV travel is only a trick before he gets her to a fancy team resort. Adam understood Andi hates RV and camping, which was only part of his wonder.

It is not a decision for the entire series, so there is so much room for any continuance for Man With a Plan season 5, only if someone someday chooses to pick it up.

Man With A Plan Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 is canceled, so there will be no trailer for season 5 yet. For now, check the season 4 trailer below: