The Family Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

A fictional National Investigation Agency is in the process of being set up with the help of Srikant Tiwari, an ordinary man who has become the brain behind the agency.

There is no doubt that this has become the most popular Indian internet series on Amazon Prime Video in 2019. The Family Man Season 3 is another highly anticipated online web series that will be released in the near future.


Manoj Bajpayee’s web series has enjoyed huge success over the last two seasons. There was a glimpse of the show’s third season in the second season’s final episode.

The Family Man Season 3 Release Date

The Family Man Season 3 Release Date

On September 20, 2019, the original season of The Family Man premiered. A total of nine episodes from the series’ second season were released on June 4, 2021.


The show’s third season is rumored to have been approved, and the production has begun. There has not yet been a date set for the premiere of Family Man Season 3.

It is reported that the show is expected to premiere sometime in November 2022, but there is no official date yet. The exact date of the event has yet to be determined.

According to rumors, the third season of Family Man will feature a lot of action, espionage, and thrills, similar to the previous seasons.


The Family Man Season 3 Cast

The Family Man Season 3 Cast

Earlier in the article, we stated that no information regarding The Family Man season 3 release date is available. Nevertheless, we have also mentioned a complete list of the cast of the third season of The Family Man Season 3, which you can find below.

The Family Man Season 3 Plot

The Family Man Season 3 Plot

The ending of season two of The Family Man hinted that something exciting might be in store for fans in season three of the show. Having confirmed that the upcoming season will take place during a time when there is a Coronavirus pandemic, actor Manoj Bajpayee has provided a timeline for when fans can expect to see the next episode of the series.

It has been an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics for season two of The Family Man, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on June 4.

It is interesting to note that in the final scene, there is an allusion to the conflict that has been at the heart of Season Three and appears to be related to China.

As revealed in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Manoj, who portrays Srikant Tiwari, the secret agent on the show, currently does not have access to his writer’s room because of a lockdown at the moment. All of the people have been taken into custody.

Well, we can say that The Family Man season 3 release date is yet to get announced. But apart from this, we are sure that the third season will be quite interesting.

The Family Man Season 3 Trailer

As of right now, there has not been a release date for the season 3 trailer. Therefore, we can now say that fans will need to wait a little longer for any information regarding the upcoming season.

The Family Man season two trailer has been provided below so you can keep up to date with the season.

Where To Watch The Family Man Season 3?

There is no doubt that many of us are aware that The Family Man is an Amazon Prime series. As a result, Amazon Prime offers both previous seasons, which are available for purchase.

Whenever the third season of The Family Man is released, it will also be available on Amazon Prime, just like the previous two seasons.

Final Word

One of the most anticipated web series of the year is The Family Man season 3, and among the fans, it has generated a lot of interest.

The Family Man season 3 is only a few months away from being released. However, fans are eagerly awaiting its release.