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Do you like watching TV Reality shows? Does dating reality show interest you? If yes, you might have heard of the recently released The Real Love Boat. The Real Love Boat worked as a reminder for the Audience of popular sitcoms in the 1980s. People were very motivated and clicked watching this show, which has performed decently well.

As the season is approaching its climax, many fans and viewers are concerned about its second season. Is the second season Canceled? If not, then when will it be released? These are some of the questions that fans are asking. Keep following this article, and we will cover everything related to The Real Love Boat Season 2.

Is The Real Love Boat Season 2 Cancelled?


The Real Love Boat was a surprise for the fans as they weren’t expecting something this unique from CBS. The unique concept worked pretty well, and many TV fans looked thrilled for the first few episodes. However, as the show proceeded, many found the concept boring and disinterest in the show was shown by poor ratings. The show received a viewership of about 2.4 million in the last few weeks.

Poor ratings and lack of support from. The Audience can be the reason for the cancellation of season 2 of The Real Love Boat. However, anything regarding the cancellation or renewal of the show has yet to be confirmed from the maker’s side. Please be patient and keep in touch with us for the confirmed updates on The Real Love Boat Season 2.

Cast Of The Real Love Boat Season 2

The Real Love Boat 2 needs to be confirmed, and calling for the show’s cast might be tricky. However, if we have a second season of the show, we might see a similar host as in season 1. The reason behind the retention of the show hosts may be a need for more time between two successive seasons. Following is the Host of The Real Love Boat Season 1 that can be seen again in The Real Love Boat Season 2:

  • Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are seen as the Host of the show 
  • Paolo Arrigo is portraying the role of Captain in The Real Love Boat Season 1.
  • Ezra Freeman has been presented as a bartender.
  • Ted Lange has been projected as Bartenders
  • Matt Mitcham is the Cruise Director
  • Jill Whelan is seen as the Captain’s Daughter.

However, season 2 will have different contestants from season 1 of the show.

Concept of The Real Love Boat Season 2


The Real Love Boat is a Television reality show projected by the CBS series. The show is based on the simple concept that contestants across the country are put together to be judged by our Hosts. Hosts and the channel post different challenges against the couples and try to test their patience and the credibility of the contestant.

Season 2 will be more or less the same, where we will have a few couples contestants on the boat giving a test for love and patience and finally, the one with more compassion will come out as the show’s winner.

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Trailer Of The Real Love Boat Season 2

The Real Love Boat 2 does not have any promotional trailers as of now, and makers are yet to announce anything related to the show’s trailer. We suggest you keep following this article for frequent and accurate updates. You can watch the trailer for season 1 of The Real Love Boat by clicking on this link.


Where Should I Watch The Real Love Boat?

You can watch all the episodes of season 1 of The Real Love Boat on your mobile. To watch The Real Love Boat Online, you must visit Fubo TV or the official platform on CBS.

IMDB Ratings

The primary reason why many assume that The Real Love Boat might not have a second season is because of a lack of support from the Audience and fans. On IMDB, the show has received an abysmal rating of 3.5 stars, and due to this, many assume that it might be a reason for the cancellation of The Real Love Boat Season 2. 

Final Words

This article is written to update the readers about the release of The Real Love Boat Season 2. The article first discusses the plot, cast, trailer and possibility of the release of the second season of The Real Love Boat. Finally, iatthe end, we discussed the IMDB ratings of the previous season.

Mention your doubts and suggestions below.


Is The Real Love Boat Season 2 Canceled?

Nothing regarding the cancellation of the show is confirmed. But according to many reports, season 2 is cancelled.

Will The Real Love Boat have season 2?

No, The Real Love Boat will not have season 2.

Is The Real Love Boat available on Netflix?

No, you can watch all the episodes of The Real Love Boat on the official website of CBS.


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