The Resident Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

In recent years, many series and dramas on themes have gained a great deal of popularity in their regional states or nations and in the international market.

In the past decade, the medical drama genre has gained a humongous amount of popularity in the last decade and has become a prevalent theme among viewers.


We now have The Resident, a medical drama that will return with a new season and a new batch of episodes in the next few weeks. With The Resident Season 6 coming up, we can see what it offers.

However, we have mentioned all the series details, including The Resident season 6 release date.

The Resident Season 6 Release Date

The Resident Season 6 Release Date


There has been an official confirmation from the network that the series will return in 2022 on Tuesday, September 20, at 8/7c on Fox TV, as the Resident is one of Fox’s highest-rated series on Tuesdays.

A brand-new season of the show will debut on the Fox network at the beginning of next year. Thus fans are expecting a lot from the series, and there is no doubt that The Resident is one of the most popular series of all time.

The Resident Season 6 Cast

The Resident Season 6 Cast


The series has not yet received any official news regarding new cast members that will be added to the series soon. 

For now, some of the prominent cast members from season one will likely reprise their roles as they did in season one. In the following list, you will find a list of the prominent cast members:

The Resident Season 6 Plot

The Resident Season 6 Plot

The Residents continue to shine a spotlight on the daily heroism of our medical professionals. As the doctors and nurses at Chastain Memorial Hospital fight for their patient’s health, the provocative medical drama chronicles their daily lives as they deal with personal and professional challenges.

As the doctors and nurses at Chastain Memorial Hospital face personal and professional challenges and fight for their patient’s well-being in this provocative medical drama, you will follow their daily struggles and see how they cope with those challenges.

In the Resident series, Marty Makary has based the story on his book Unaccountable, one of the books featured.

It primarily focuses on Chastain Park Medical Center, the program’s primary focus. There is a lot of focus on the lifestyles of the hospital’s medical administrators and physicians as it revolves around their lives.

In addition to the hospital’s organizational structure, the program also explores the hospital’s procedures and procedures. The Resident, which was on Showtime then, was purchased by Fox in the year 2017 from the platform of Showtime.

A much better description of The Resident is that it is much more of a series that attracts audiences in addition to its fictional plot by offering a fascinating glimpse into the healthcare industry, which is incredibly familiar to us yet remains entirely foreign for all of us.

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The Resident Season 6 Trailer

Even though Fox hasn’t dropped a trailer for the coming season, as we approach the release date, we may be able to see the trailer any time.

We have, however, mentioned the trailer link of season 5, so you can watch it by clicking on the link provided below.

Where To Watch The Resident Season 6?

Probably one of the first things that come into your head is where you can watch this fantastic medical series. Viewers can watch the whole series on Disney Plus Hotstar, so do not miss out on it.

Additionally, viewers can also watch all the previous seasons of Disney Plus Hotstar on this platform.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, The Resident continues to shine a spotlight on the everyday heroism of our health care workers on the Fox website every day.

Doctors and nurses at Chastain Memorial Hospital face several personal and professional challenges as they fight for the health of their patients in this provocative medical drama. That is what attracted viewers to this show, and that’s what made it so famous.