How to Watch Football Online for Free: Easy Methods Using Apps

Watching football is a favorite pastime for millions of people worldwide. The sport is very competitive and entertaining, which is why many people are looking to watch football online for convenience and availability.

If you’re looking to watch football online, you should look at different mobile apps that offer it for free. Many of the apps that let you watch football online tend to have a subscription fee before you can watch it live.


Check out the article below to learn more about how to watch football online for free.

How to Watch Football Online for Free: Easy Methods Using Apps
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Things to Consider When Choosing Apps to Watch Football Online

While mobile applications allow you to watch football online for free, there are still certain things that you need to consider before you choose and download one. 

How to Watch Football Online for Free: Easy Methods Using Apps
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Apps must have all the features you need to watch football online for free seamlessly. 


Here are some of the considerations you need to make before you decide to download an app.

Availability of Content

Many apps provide different content, but they all share a similar theme. Many of these apps that let you watch football online only have football. 

You should download apps that also offer other sports and entertainment to make it worthwhile. 


This should give you more options to choose from as well as many other avenues for you to discover different football leagues to watch.

Free to Download and Use

Many streaming platforms today offer a service to subscribe to, which means that you will need to spend money to fully enjoy your viewing experience. 

Some are even gated by a paywall before you can download them. Make sure you only choose mobile streaming apps that allow you to download and use them for free.

Compatibility With Your Device

Your chosen app must also be compatible with your device. Some apps are only available for iOS devices and some apps are exclusive to Android devices. 

Always note the app’s system requirements so that you can fully enjoy watching your favorite football matches online without any technical issues.

Quality of the Stream

When looking for apps that let you watch football online, you should always consider the quality of the stream. 

Because of the low quality, you do not want to watch your games on a blurry and pixelated screen. Check if the app offers high-quality or HD streaming for the best viewing experience.

Apps to Download to Watch Football Online for Free

With so many apps available to download and watch football online for free, only a few match the quality we all want. 

How to Watch Football Online for Free: Easy Methods Using Apps
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Here are some of the best apps to download on your mobile phone to watch football online for free.


We all know ESPN is the most popular sports platform and features hundreds of different sports. 

With their mobile app, you can stream all of your favorite sports on your phone including football and many others. 

You can also watch original shows from the network including professional insights and many other entertaining shows. Users get on-demand videos for those who might have missed the game and a myriad of other features including highlights and analysis.


Fubo is one of the most downloaded apps when it comes to watching football online for free. The app has everything that you need when it comes to football and more. 

You also get other entertainment programs, such as TV shows and sports-related content. Its user interface is some of the easiest to navigate, making it one of the most convenient apps for watching football online.

Live Football on TV

Live Football on TV is designed to cater to hardcore football fans worldwide. The app features schedules of different football matches, including match details and where you can watch them. 

It has the most comprehensive list of football schedules so that you will never miss a match ever again.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a list of live football on a single platform. While the app does require you to subscribe to the service, you can still take advantage of the free trial to see if it is worth the subscription. 

YouTube TV covers all football action with the highest quality stream and resolution. You never have to worry about missing the action as you can also watch highlights and get insights from respected analysts in the sport.


Another great streaming platform to watch football online is Paramount+. While it is not technically free to use, the app does offer free content that is already on HD. 

You get a wide variety of content, including football and many other sports. 

Apart from that, you can also watch your local CBS stations. If you decide to subscribe to their monthly service, you unlock more content and features on a very friendly budget.

Tips to Watch Football Online for Free

Now that you have many options to watch football online for free, it is time to learn how to do so properly. 

How to Watch Football Online for Free: Easy Methods Using Apps
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These are the steps to watch football online using your chosen streaming mobile application.

Use a VPN

One of the best ways to watch football online for free using an app is to download a VPN. A VPN lets you watch region-restricted content by masking your IP address so you can access the region and its related content. 

You can use the VPN to access tons of football matches that are not available in your area so you can discover more games and teams.

Choose a Compatible Device

While many apps do offer high-quality resolution on their streams, it is also advisable that you have a compatible device that lets you play these high-resolution streams on your phone. 

You may have all the free live streams in the world, but you won’t be able to fully enjoy them if you have a mobile device with limited capabilities.

Always Check Your Internet

You might also want to check your internet to see if it is stable enough to handle the live stream. 

Try to turn off other devices using the internet to ensure you have the highest quality possible with the most stable internet connection. 

Most apps require a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps or above for a better viewing experience.


The best mobile app to watch football online for free will depend on your preference for features and content. Go ahead and try out the highly recommended apps mentioned above and see which ones work for you the best.