3 Body Problems Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

In the current year, Netflix will release a new science fiction series called “The Three-Body Problem.” This series is based on the same name novel by Liu Cixin that has been adapted into a television series.

The news that Benioff and Weiss were developing a television adaptation of the novel was announced in September 2020, and casting for the series began in August 2021.


However, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the series. Thus we have mentioned all the details about the series, including the 3 Body Problems release date.

3 Body Problems Release Date

3 Body Problems Release Date

It was in November 2021 that production on The Three-Body Problem began. Filming in both the United Kingdom and China was taking place simultaneously. 


The show is expected to premiere sometime in 2022, about a year from now. It has not yet been announced how many episodes will be aired in the new series.

Three-Body Universe is a production company that produces the show based on the concept of the show produced by Plan B Entertainment and Primitive Streak.

3 Body Problems Cast

3 Body Problems Cast


Netflix announced the cast for The Three-Body Problem in October 2021. There are several alums from the Game of Thrones, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as other shows:

3 Body Problems Plot

3 Body Problems Plot

As part of an elaborate conspiracy, Wang Miao, a leading Chinese physicist and nanomaterial researcher, is asked by state intelligence to infiltrate a group known as Frontiers of Science and to expose its members who have committed suicide over the past years.

The main character in the book, Ye Wenjie, is an astrophysicist who, more than forty years before the events in the book, witnessed the brutal murder of her father during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Following the murder of her father, she was taken to a labor camp and later conscripted due to her scientific background. She was sent to a secret radar base in a remote part of China due to her scientific background.

One of Ye’s daughters was one of the suicides Wang had to investigate, and their friendship blossomed as he recounted her work in the base to her, and she began to tell him about her experiences.

As Wang progresses through the mysterious VR game Three Body, she must contend with the, at the same time, highly unstable weather conditions as well as the regular cycle of day and night on an alien planet.

An alien race is trying to build a functional calendar. At the same time, they are periodically destroyed by a patternless wave of extreme heat followed by extreme cold to build a functional calendar.

There is an objective to the game, which is for the player to use the scientific method as a way to help the creatures understand the nature of their world by using the scientific method.

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3 Body Problems Trailer

It has not yet been announced whether or not a trailer will be released for The Three-Body Problem by the developers. Please find below some facts related to the show that you can check out for now:

Where To Watch 3 Body Problems?

It is known, however, that 3 Body Problems is a Netflix series. Therefore, it is not surprising that Netflix will be able to offer the series to fans.

Final Word

There is a possibility that the Three-Body Problem will be solved sometime in late 2022, possibly. Of course, this is just our prediction, and as such, it is essential to note that you should take everything you read with a grain of salt until Netflix reveals the official release date.

Nevertheless, we’re sure that more official information about the series will be released in the coming months as the date for its release nears.