Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast And All Latest Updates

‘Aggretsuko’ is a Netflix show net animation series based on Yeti’s persona.

The comedic series follows Retsuko the Red Panda as she contends with arrogant coworkers and a chauvinist boss who constantly minimizes and disparages her contributions to the firm. Her soft-spoken nature and modesty only exacerbate her predicament, as everyone takes control of her generosity.


To deal with the unjustified sexism at work, Retsuko devises a novel method of venting her rage: every night after work, she belts out death metal karaoke at a nearby bar. While it may appear juvenile, it does assist her in venting her frustrations and coping with her callous coworkers.

The entertaining office drama has garnered accolades for its clever corporate satire and for tackling the problems confronting millennial women in the job.

Following its fourth season, fans worldwide are eager to discover whether their beloved show will return for a fifth season. If you’re wondering the same thing, allow us to serve as your guide.


Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

While there has been no formal confirmation of a fifth season, we were left with the reassuring certainty that it will return following the completion of the fourth.

The debut date has not been officially confirmed. The primary season began airing on December 16, 2021. However, given how each season has been issued after 14 months, we may anticipate the new season to premiere early in 2023.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date
Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

Aggretsuko Season 5 Plot

Season 4 focuses heavily on Retsuko and Haida’s deteriorating relationship. The former is unsure of the latter’s mysterious insecurities, yet the protagonist consoled him when he needed it most despite their disagreements.


However, things take a turn for the worst in the season finale, when Haida is publicly chastised by Retsuko when she and a friend uncover proof of fraud. Haida soon confesses his participation in rationalizing Retsuko’s behavior.

While the fourth chapter focuses on the protagonist’s deteriorating relationship with Haida, we may anticipate things to improve for the pair when the show returns for season 5.

However, Retsuko’s coworkers will continue to criticize her as she devises new strategies for dealing with unjustified sexism.

While it’s difficult to predict how the next chapter will unfold, viewers can be assured that the show will remain as humorous and enjoyable as it always has been.

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Aggretsuko Season 5 Cast And Characters

No formal confirmation regarding the season 5 cast has been made. Season 4’s cast is expected to return in season 5.

Therefore, Erica Mendez will portray Retsuko, Ben Diskin will perform as Haida, Katelyn Gault will portray Fenneko, G.K. Bowes will portray Director Gori, and Josh Petersdorf will portray Director Ton.

Along with these five, season 5 should have 13 more voice actors and their respective roles. This cast list is subject to change before the season 5 premiere.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Trailer

No trailer has been released for Aggretsuko Season 5 yet. Check the season 4 trailer below:

Where To Watch Aggretsuko Season 5?

Aggretsuko Season 5 will release on Netflix. All previous seasons are available to watch on Netflix.