Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Shown The Green Light?

It is a drama series in the genre of Jordanian drama streaming television series, Alrawabi School For Girls, which was released on the 12th of August 2021 and is among the most popular drama series in the country.

It was clear from the beginning of this series that it would become trendy within a short period of time. Thus the popularity grew very fast after just two episodes.


However, now fans are anticipating the release of season 2, and the good news is that the series has already been renewed for a second season.

Therefore, today in this article, we will discuss all the details, including the Alrawabi School For Girls season 2 release date. 

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Release Date

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Release Date


Alrawabi School For Girls got so successful that after season 1, the series makers decided to continue making it for a second season.

In anticipation of the release of the series’s second season, fans are very eager to know when the second season will be released, as they are very eager to see more of the series.

The second season of Alrawabi School For Girls is anticipated to be released sometime in the year 2022, or it may be released sometime in the following year, 2023.


These are only speculations, and we should wait a little longer before we get a clear picture of the exact release date.

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Cast

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Cast

According to the reports, we can expect the same star cast as in season 1. Therefore we have mentioned a list below, which contains the name of the expected cast members who will appear in the series next season.

  • Rakeen Saad as Noaf
  • Joanna Arida as Rania
  • Noor Taher as Layan
  • Andria Tayeh as Mariam
  • Nadera Emran as Principal Faten Qadi
  • Reem Saadeh as Miss Abeer
  • Salsabiela as Ruqayya
  • Yara Mustafa as Dina

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Plot

Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Plot

It has yet to be announced by any official authority what the plot of Season 2 will be as we have already established the end of Season 1 of the television series and the point from which the story might take us next. We can predict the storyline based on the ending of the first season.

As a teenager who spends most of her time with her best friend, Dina, Mariam plans a series of risky takedowns to avenge the torment she has suffered at the hands of her tormentors.

After suffering from bullying for some time, she finally breaks down and gathers a group of outcasts to protect herself from the bullies. The two plot together to exact the perfect revenge on the administration and the students, sending them downward.

Hazem pulls the trigger at Liath’s farmhouse at the end of the first season, creating great suspense. When the gunshot was heard, it was seen on camera that Layan and Liath were drying their clothes outside the house, leaving viewers wondering who had been hit by the bullet.

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Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2 Trailer

The season two trailer has yet to be released, but several short clips are making their rounds on the internet in different versions as teasers.

There will be a little wait, however, for fans to be able to watch the official trailer once it is released because it is expected to come out soon.

We have provided a link below that will allow fans to view the trailer for the first season until then. Simply tap on the link below, and it will take you to the video.

Where To Watch Alrawabi School For Girls Season 2

Netflix has Alrawabi School For Girls available to watch. You can stream the first season there, and you can also stream the second season on Netflix whenever the season gets released.

Final Word

Many websites have highly rated the “AIRawabi School for girls.” It has a 7.3/10 on IMDb and 92% audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, based on audience ratings.

Thus it’s a worth-watching series, and fans are excited about the second season. We are sure that the series’ second season will appear with many twists and turns, making it more interesting.