Amber Heard Petition Aquaman 2 Release Date And All Other Latest Updates

Indeed, as a scholar, you would have been in an exam where you believed you’d fail. People depended on you to fail, and when the consequences are out, you have surpassed anticipations and beat them.

Without rambling too much, the smart ones here would have already thought that I am speaking regarding officially the highest-grossing movie depending on any DC comics cast ever, ‘Aquaman.’


These are weird times we live in, where DC’s flagship effects have forgotten to store a lot at the box office with the fortunes of their solo films lying in danger.

Aquaman was thought of way back in the cold pantheon of superheroes and was offered a makeover for the ages and perspectives as the single most promising movie, not just in the DCEU but among any of DC’s productions involving Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.

The triumph of ‘Aquaman’ is two-fold and can shortly be spelled as “China” and “Jason Momoa.”


It’s right; releasing the movie in China two weeks earlier than the US premiere and one week forward in other nations opened a treasure box for WB, showing the movie has grossed around half of its entire group by then, with $300 Million arriving in just from China where the movie saw a bumper start.

Then, of course, there is Jason Momoa, whose heartthrob group had the YA audience herding to the theatres, actually if they barely were fans of the personality or the comic book house he belongs to.

The issue indicated herewith is that you likely haven’t been paying attention if you didn’t see a series. Here we have gathered all we know about the series yet. Read on to find details on Amber Heard Petition Aquaman 2.


Aquaman 2 Release Date

The first Aquaman hit theaters in December 2018 and reached out on top in a month that also bragged the premieres of Mary Poppins Returns, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Bumblebee. It’s no wonder Warner Bros initially targeted another December release for its sequel.

Aquaman 2’s premiere date was initially set for December 16, 2022 – nearly four years after the first film’s release and only a few short weeks after The Flash movie.

Nevertheless, uncertainties in the VFX department amid the Covid-19 epidemic have postponed Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and it was debuted in cinemas on March 17, 2023.

Aquaman 2 release date

Amber Heard is to be entirely cut from Aquaman 2

After revealing the tremendous judgment of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal fight, the people have been on their toes regarding Heard’s end as the Aquaman starlet.

In a current revelation, a source approved to Just Jared that Heard will be carved out of the forthcoming Aquaman sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

According to the forum, not just will the actress’ backgrounds, which were already decreased to the tiniest amount, will now be completely cut out. Further, another actress will bring Heard’s place as Mera in the franchise.

Heard’s role in the film series was laboriously examined during her libel trial against ex-hubby Johnny Depp.

A plea was created to bring Heard off the DC film franchise and earned more than 3 million autographs. After the Jury unanimously sided with Depp on the case, it was hoped that Warner Bros. would even leap.

While on the shelf, Heard revealed that she did not understand for sure if she might be cut out of the film’s last cut or not. Moreover, the head of the DC movies functions at Warner Bros.

Walter Hamada explained in his deposition in the matter that they had thought of replacing Heard a few times before.

He colored on the stand that the primary lead, Jason Momoa and Heard, had little to no chemistry, causing the studio to think about returning the actress. Nevertheless, the information is yet to be approved by the studio, which has been the mother of the issue for now.

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Amber Heard net worth

Amber Heard is an actress and model with a net worth of -$6 million. As an actress, Amber Heard is recognized for emerging in films like “Aquaman,” “The Rum Diary,” “Never Back Down” and “Drive Angry.”

Heard has appeared on numerous television series and is recognized for her involvement in activism, particularly about LGBTQ rights.

In current years Amber has reached a level of shame thanks to her relationship with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Though they divorced in 2016, Heard and Depp would consume the following several years battling in courtrooms and the press.

Aquaman 2 Plot

Bit of a heads up shortly. ‘Aquaman’ picked up after the events of ‘Justice League,’ working somewhat as a source tale for the eponymous superhero, tracing his roots and his connection to Atlantis, and partly living upon Arthur trying to stop his brother Orm from becoming Ocean Master and declaring war upon the external world in the current day.

To do that, Arthur had to consider his Atlantean instincts to investigate and retrieve a long-lost, legendary trident belonging to King Atlan, the supreme ruler of Atlantis, and with the ability to handle almost all marine life.

Aquaman 2 plot

The film charted out Arthur Curry’s travels as a man torn between the land and the sea but attempting to do the good thing, and while ‘Aquaman’ largely built on that effort, actually involving a backstory between Queen Atlanna and Arthur’s birth father, it eventually came full process to showcase his change to the ruler of the deep. He would finally unite the seven realms of Atlantis.

Arriving at the sequel, ‘Aquaman 2’ will celebrate the culmination of a trilogy of good movie appearances for ‘Aquaman,’ in the DCEU and otherwise.

While the first two movies dealt with an inner struggle of seeing his place in the world of guys and Atlanteans and seating himself, the second movie will notice that hegemony is tested.

It’s still an understandable guess, but that has usually been the way for every superhero film concerning a kingdom. Arthur Curry is currently the ruler of the seven underwater kingdoms and the ruler of Atlantis. The sequel always should visit him, checking into that role (or not) until the film’s primary antagonist offers up.