Amina Muaddi Net Worth 2022: Self Empowered Fashionist Success

All the people out there who are interested in the fashion world must have come across the name of Amina Muaddi, the great self-made female entrepreneur of the era when entrepreneurship was considered the department of men. Amina Muaddi net worth is estimated to $7 million dollars in 2022.

Amina Muaddi, herself a diva, has been into a little bit of modeling in the early years of her career. 


With years of sweat breaking worldwide and spending precious years of her young life learning the master craft of fashion designing and shoemaking, she was able to make a brand out of herself. The brand has been promoted and cherished by several gorgeous ladies of the fashion and film industries and whoever can get a hand on masterpieces.

Biography of Amina Muaddi

All the details of your favorite celebrity Amina Muaddi have been collected in one place for your convenience. Go ahead and check the interesting facts about her.

Name Amina Muaddi
Nick Name Amina
Profession Shoemaker, fashion designer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, model
Date of Birth 2nd June 1987
Age 34 years old
Place of Birth Romania
Nationality Jordanian, Romanian
University  European Institute of Design
Education Fashion Designing
Height 172 cm/ 5’8”
Weight 55 kg/ 121lbs
Eye color Black
Hair color Black with highlights 
Zodiac Gemini
Father Not known
Mother Felicia Cara Brucea
Religion Muslim
Ethnicity Jordanian-Romanian mixed
Husband  Unmarried
Best friend Yigit Turhan

Early Life of Amina Muaddi

Born in a mixed ethnic background makes, her a member of both Jordanian and Romanian communities. However, she was born in Romania, her mother Felicia Cara Bruce’s homeland. 


Details about her father are unknown and have been like that for a long time; the only information about him is that he was a businessman from Jordan. At a very young age of 6, she dealt with the heartbreaking incident of watching her parents moving apart. Amina Muaddi came back to Romania with her mother from Amman, Jordan.

Is Amina Muaddi Married?

No, Amina Muaddi is not married yet and is always seen either following her passion or having a fun time with his best friend Yigit Turhan or her mother Felicia. This seems like a piece of relieving information for many of the eligible bachelors out there, fanboying over her by keeping Amina Muaddi’s wallpapers on their cell phones for the past several years. 

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How did Amina Muaddi reach the top of the fashion industry at such a young age?

At the age of 9, she decided to be a star in fashion. I can’t even imagine myself doing home chores at age 9. However, this very dedication made her undergo graduation from the European Institute of Design, and she never looked back from there. As an assistant stylist in huge events such as Vogue Italy, L’uomo Vogue, Condé Nast, and GQ magazine, she took up the responsibility. 

Meanwhile, Amina Muaddi also got interested in the shoemaking business, changing her course a path in two directions. First, she joined hands with Oscar Tiye. Then, Amina started getting into fashion weeks with her innovative set of footwears and the fashionable clothing brand she has been carrying forward all this while. In 2017, she launched her footwear brand and was in the limelight for her high-octane heels, which big names like Rhianna and Hailey Bieber liked.

Amina Muaddi Net Worth

Amina Muaddi Net worth

Amina Muaddi’s Net worth is $7 million dollars in 2022. Getting yourself to the top of the design industry at a young age is not easy. However, Amina very well understands the value of time and has created multiple sources of income, adding to Amina Muaddi’s net worth.

Half of Amina Muaddi’s net worth is from the shoe-making business she went on within her budding phase and came with her brand about 5 years ago. With time flying, she has added several tags across her name, including businesswomen, entrepreneur, model, and social media influencer. You can’t imagine how much her Instagrams posts are worth. She has been paid for sharing exclusive rare Amina Muaddi pictures and her recent works.

She lived in a well-off family from childhood, and I think she took good care to maintain the same lifestyle while picking her career. Amina Muaddi TikTok videos are also a huge trendsetter and a powerful tool in promoting her brand clearing, adding to her net worth.

Final Words

An inspirational figure and fashion icon Amina Muaddi is no less than a real-life wonder woman which is pretty rare. I understood the reason for your curiosity about her and we are here to relieve you from all the doubts and provide you with the relevant information. Let us know more about your next request, we will be back soon with new updates.

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