Big City Greens Season 4 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know?

It is an animated adventure comedy series from Disney that is designed to provide all fans of comedy and adventure with a fresh dose of entertainment every day with every episode of Big City Greens.

Currently, this show has gathered a lot of fans and is considered to be one of the best-performing animated series of a new era in terms of the fan base.


“Big City Greens Season 4 Release Date” is keenly awaited by fans, and they are very eager to find out when it will be available. In spite of this, we have done our best to make sure that we have included all the crucial information about the series in this article. And we have also mentioned the Big City Greens season 4 release date.

Big City Greens Season 4 Release Date

Big City Greens Season 4 Release Date

There are many questions that the fans and audience of the popular series are asking and searching on the web for all the information regarding the fourth season of the series.


And the most important factor that they wanted to know is the release date of the fourth season of Big City Green. It has been a great run for Big City Greens over the past three seasons, and it is well-loved by everyone who has been watching it.

There is good news, however; the makers have confirmed that the series will be renewed for a fourth season on January 21, 2023, when more episodes will be released online. 

Big City Greens Season 4 Cast

Big City Greens Season 4 Cast


Talking about the characters and voice actors. We can assume that season 4 will have the same characters as well as the voice actors. Therefore we have mentioned all the names below for your convenience.

  • Cricket, voiced by Chris Houghton
  • Tilly, voiced by Marieve Herington
  • Bill, voiced by Bob Joles as an adult
  • Gramma Alice, voiced by Artemis Pebdani
  • Nancy, voiced by Wendi McLendon-Covey
  • Remy, voiced by Zeno Robinson
  • Gloria Sato voiced by Anna Akana
  • Officer Keys, voiced by Andy Daly 
  • Kiki, voiced by Monica Ray
  • Benny, voiced by Luke Lowe
  • Weezie, voiced by Lamar Woods
  • Brett, voiced by Colton Dunn
  • Chip Whistler, voiced by Paul Scheer
  • Vasquez voiced by Danny Trejo

Big City Greens Season 4 Plot

Big City Greens Season 4 Plot

There is quite a bit of difference and uniqueness between the plot of Big City Greens and all the other conventional animated series that are available on the market today.

With the plot of the series, the kids and viewers will be able to connect with it because it is far more relatable, true to life, and appealing to them.

Cricket Green is a young boy who moves from a rural region with his family into a modern metropolitan city.

Throughout the series, we are able to see how our beloved Cricket makes the most of his new life in a big city and the adventures he takes part in.

The show has a great plotline and a beautifully presented story; from emotion to humour, there is something for everyone, and each episode is more difficult to predict as the show becomes better and better.

Big City Greens Season 4 Trailer

It has been confirmed by the studio that the fourth season of Big City Greens will be released on January 21, 2023, so the fans are eager to become acquainted with the new season via the trailer.

As a result, the makers of the most anticipated show Big City green season four, have finally revealed the trailer for the upcoming season. You don’t have to worry if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, as we have placed the link below for you to watch it.

Where To Watch Big City Greens Season 4?

The fourth season of Big City Greens has yet to be released, but you can watch all the previous seasons airing on Disney Channel. Additionally, you will be able to watch Big City Greens on Disney+ Hotstar, and you will also be able to watch it here once the next season is released.

Final Word

It is my pleasure to recommend Big City Greens as a lovely show with an awesome storyline that connects with the audience quite well.

Many people are very fond of this animated show and expect the show to keep performing well in the future. Our goal, however, has been to compile as much information about the show as we can, just as we promised you in the beginning.