Big Timber Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status In 2022

The Canadian logging business is unquestionably unique, with loggers and other cast members risking their lives every day to obtain the best available Timber. 

By concentrating on Wenstob Timber, one of the last family-run mills on Vancouver Island, the reality television series ‘Big Timber gives viewers a realistic look at the sector. 


The enterprise, owned and run by Kevin Wenstob and Sarah Fleming, transports the finest wood from a dangerous mountaintop to the market using heavy machinery and a committed team. In addition, they are assisted in their endeavor by their sons and a trustworthy staff willing to risk their lives.

While “Big Timber” immerses us in the lives of everyone engaged in the process, it also highlights the daily challenges loggers face. Originally shown on the Canadian History channel, the series has amassed a following substantial base since the premiere of its first season on October 8, 2020. 

The plot is highly captivating, and the series is frequently complimented for its genuineness. Fans are interested in whether the network has revived the reality show for a third installment now that the second season has begun. Let’s investigate, shall we?


Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

The second season of this television series premiered on July 13, 2022. Consequently, production on the new season of this series is not yet underway. The series is not currently in development for the next season.

Speculations indicate that the new season will premiere in July of next year. Big Timber is an entertaining film that business fans will like. Still, nobody is sure of the future of Big Timber’s upcoming season because the creators have not yet confirmed the series’ renewal.


Big Timber Season 3 Cast

The expected cast of Big Timber season 3 is as follows:

  • Kevin Wenstob 
  • Erik Wenstob
  • Glen Fox
  • Coleman Willner 
  • “Firewood” John Brebber
  • Shanise 
  • Tyler Lindsay 
  • Sarah Fleming 
  • Kevin G 

Big Timber Season 3 Plot

Given that it is a reality TV show, people may question whether or not anything is real or staged. Big Timber has been unscripted from the day it debuted until the present. 

This indicates that trained entertainment experts direct the on-screen interactions, emotions, or sequences. As opposed to other popular reality shows, this one is genuine.

They are comfortable with cameras and other equipment since the crew has been filming their job for quite some time. Kevin’s wife, Sarah, and he began filming the realities of their work to promote their profession. 

This caused them to become one of the most watched reality series on Netflix. In retrospect, we can affirm that Big Timber exists. They are the sole remaining independent enterprise on the island.

In the first season of Big Timber, Winston and his staff are sifting through bureaucracy to operate economically. Ministry of Forests and Natural Resources has assessed the team a $1 million fine. The justification was that they could not meet deadlines for clearing a forest near the Alberni Canal.

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

Ironically, the delay was caused by many old-growth cedar trees that should be protected for environmental protection. Therefore, it was impossible to achieve the established dates. 

In contrast, season 2 reveals that Kevin and his team produced enough wood to cover the possible $1 million in fines. As of now, however, there is no news on whether the matter has been resolved.

Since this series is solely about business, that is all we can anticipate from future seasons. The new season, if ever produced, will likely focus on the business strategies of the Logging company and how such a vast empire is managed. We cannot anticipate a narrative from a reality show.

Therefore, even if this series is restricted, it has garnered a large fan base, proving that entertainment can also be a source of revenue for a corporation.

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Big Timber Season 3 Trailer

If you want a trailer for the third season of Big Timber, I’m sorry to inform you that one has not yet been published. Nonetheless, the season 3 teaser is now available on YouTube. You can view the trailer for the previous season below.

Where To Watch Big Timber Season 3?

Big Timber season 3 will release on the Canadian History channel and all previous seasons are available to stream on Netflix