Blockers 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

It is interesting to see the movie Blockers because it shows the whole experience and story from the perspective of three girls who decide to do the deed. However, things get awkward when their parents find out about their plans.

There is no doubt that Blockers has captivated many fans, and now people are looking forward to Blockers season 2. Therefore, we have provided all the details about season 2 of the movie so that you know what to expect. And not only this, we have also mentioned details about Blockers 2 release date.


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Bockers 2 Release Date

Blockers 2 Release Date

This film has been one of the most popular and most-watched films of recent years, with full houses whenever it was released. It is still in demand and a movie that will always be remembered by all the fans of the actor who had a part in it and for everyone who has seen it.


Even after it was released in 2018, we know that some fans are still hopeful for the movie to be renewed for a second sequence and to see what happens in the future with the movie.

It is unfortunate, but we will have to tell you that there is still no word as to whether Blockers 2 will be released or renewed by the distributors and the team. Thus Blockers have achieved immense popularity in a very short period.

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Blockers 2 Cast

Blockers 2 Cast

There was a cast of actors in the adult comedy film Blockers who made it so much more interesting and demanding for the second season, which included Leslie Mann portraying Lisa Decker, John Cena portraying Mitchell Mannes, Ike Barinholtz portraying Hunter Lockwood, Kathryn Newton portraying Julie Decker, Anniston Almond portraying Julie’s youthful self, and Audrey Casson playing the adult version of Julie.

Geraldine Viswanathan, Noor Anna Maher, and Madeline Paris Erwing play Kayla Mannes; the film also features Geraldine Viswanathan, Noor Anna Maher, and Madeline Paris Erwing as young Kaylas. Sam Lockwood is played by Gideon Adlon while Hannah Goergen and Aubrey Michele play young Sam, Ramona Young plays Angelica, Connor Aldrich is played by Miles Robbins, and Graham Philips plays Austin.

Furthermore, Jimmy Bellinger plays Chad, Colton Dunn plays Rudy, Sarayu Blue plays Marcie Mannes, Gary Cole plays Ron, Gina Gershon is Gina, June Diane Raphael is Jayden, and Gary Cole plays Ron. Additionally, the show stars Hannibal Buress as Frank, Andrew Lopez plays Jake Donahue, Jake Picking plays Kyler, and T.C Carter plays Jayden.

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Blockers 2 Plot

Blockers 2 Plot

Blockers is a popular film about a single mother named Lisa with a daughter named Julie, who has been close friends with Kayla and Sam since she was a little girl.

As a result of the bond between their parents, namely Lisa and Mitchell, Kayla’s father, and Sam’s father, Hunter has also developed a close relationship due to their shared love for their children.

With the help of her boyfriend named Austin and the help of her friends, Julie plans to lose her virginity at prom with the help of her boyfriend.

According to Kayla, she is planning to do the same thing with her lab partner in a casual manner. In the meantime, Sam, a lesbian who has not come out yet, joins her friends and decides to attend the prom with a friend she knows will not harm her in any way.

On the day of prom, Lisa throws a party, or you could call it a pre-party for the kids and parents, followed by the girls leaving for their prom, but when Hunter decodes the emojis that were communicated back and forth between the girls, the parents learn of their plan.

Although Lisa and Mitchell ran to stop their kids, Hunter tried to stop them as he suspected his daughter Sam was homosexual. When he noticed that his daughter was uncomfortably kissing her partner, he joined the other parents to ensure that Sam would not do something that she did not want to do.

The parents find out that an after-party is being held at Austin’s house, and as they approach, they find his parents having an intimate moment, so they inform the three parents that it is at their Lake House, but they won’t give out the address.

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Blockers 2 Trailer

Since there has not been any announcement regarding the development of the second sequel to the film, nor any information regarding the film’s development, no trailer is available for the film. But we have mentioned the trailer link of part 1.

Where To Watch Blockers 2?

Various streaming services are available to rent the film, including YouTube, Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Videos, and Apple TV.

Final Word

The film has a running time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. The sequel to this comedy film is still unknown to us, so we cannot provide any updates on it.

As a result of its enormous popularity, the movie has been a sensation, and fans eagerly anticipate the release of the second season.

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