Bloodlands Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

It is an English police procedural television series produced by the BBC that is set in the present day. On 14th March 2021, it was officially announced that the series Bloodlands would be renewed for a second season.

The BBC has announced that Bloodlands Season 2 will be renewed. A total of four episodes are included in Bloodlands Season 1. However, we have discussed all the details regarding the series, and not only this, but we have also included the Bloodlands season 2 release date.


Bloodlands Season 2 Release Date

Bloodlands Season 2 Release Date

The exact release date of the second season of Bloodlands has not yet been announced, but given that filming only got underway in February 2022, we may have to wait a little longer for James Nesbitt to return to our screens once more. Bloodlands have achieved immense popularity and success in a very short period.

Bloodlands Season 2 is still scheduled to premiere by the end of 2022, so we can expect it to premiere by then. As confirmed by the makers of the show, the second season of the show will have six episodes, and the rest of the details about the new season have yet to be confirmed.


Bloodlands Season 2 Cast

Bloodlands Season 2 Cast

Below you will find a list of the expected cast members for Bloodlands Season 2.

  • James Nesbitt as Tom Brannick
  • Lorcan Cranitch as Jackie Twomey
  • Charlene McKenna as Niamh McGovern
  • Peter Ballance as Patrick Keenan
  • Kathy Kiera Clarke as Claire Keenan
  • Cara Kelly as Siobhan Harkin
  • Ian McElhinney as Adam Corry
  • Lola Petticrew as Izzy Brannick
  • Lisa Dwan as Tori Matthews
  • Chris Walley as DC Billy (Birdy) Bird
  • Michael Smiley as Justin (Dinger) Bell
  • Susan Lynch as Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pentland
  • Caolan Byrne as Ben McFarland
  • Valerie Lilley as Linda Corry
  • Victoria Smurfit as Olivia

Bloodlands Season 2 Plot

Bloodlands Season 2 Plot


As the series began, DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) investigated the incident of a car that was retrieved from the Strangford Lough river by a diver who was called in to investigate the incident.

Upon discovering a postcard depicting the symbolic Samson and Goliath cranes of Belfast, Brannick (Fortitude’s Lorcan Cranitch) tells senior detective Jackie Twomey (also played by Lorcan Cranitch) that he fears that a legendary serial killer – codenamed Goliath – has returned to the city.

A second revelation follows, revealing that Brannick’s wife, Emma, was one of Goliath’s victims. Brannick’s determination to seek justice for Goliath’s past crimes can be seen as a twisted cat-and-mouse game that followed, and it seemed he was more determined than ever to achieve it.

There are dangers involved when DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) and the widow of the accountant, Olivia Foyle (Victoria Smurfit), must stay close to each other in the wake of a crooked accountant’s murder when they are threatened with exposing their identity as an iconic assassin, Goliath.

In the final episode, however, there was an almighty twist in the tale, as the viewers discovered that Brannick, despite his appearance, actually was Goliath!

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Bloodlands Season 2 Trailer

As of right now, the official trailer for Bloodlands Season 2 has not been released. As soon as there is any update about it, we will post it here as soon as it becomes available.

According to IMDb, there is a 6.5 out of ten rating for the series Bloodlands. Below you will find a trailer for the first season of Bloodlands.

Where To Watch Bloodlands Season 2?

The BBC iPlayer offers the opportunity to stream Bloodlands for free. The BBC iPlayer allows viewers to watch the whole season at their convenience.

Whenever the second season appears on the same streaming platform, it will appear on the same platform when it arrives.  

Final Word

The storyline of the series Bloodlands may be continued in the second season of the series Bloodlands, as there seems to be no chance for the series Bloodlands to start over from scratch since there is no chance for the series Bloodlands to get a fresh start.

We will let you know if there are any updates, news or other information regarding the storyline of the second season of the series Bloodlands as soon as we receive it. The second season of Bloodlands will be released sometime in the future, and let’s look at when it will be removed.