Bob Saget Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Bob Saget, the multi-talented sensation, was an American-born actor, TV anchor, and Stand up comedian who made others’ lives more cheerful while suffering in his own life. Who doesn’t know him from the hilarious show named “America’s Funniest Videos,” where contestants compete against each other for the prize money and receive the title of being the funniest in all of America.

The beloved adult comedy series showcasing friendship named “ How I Met Your Mother” character Ted Mosby played by Josh Radnor, was voiced over by Bob Saget. Bob Saget’s How I Met Your Mother series turned out to be an unexpected victory.


How old was Bob Saget?

Bob Saget’s age was 65 years until he met a tragic end in January 2022. This was shocking and depressing at the same time to see such an immense talent is gone, and we won’t be able to see his work anytime soon.

The early life of Bob Saget

Bob Saget was born in a Jewish family in Philadelphia and was a bright child from his childhood. The only son in the family with two sisters, Bob Saget’s parents, managed to pay off their expenses with their jobs as supermarket executives and hospital administrators. Bob Saget graduated successfully from Abington Senior High School. Being good in academics made him wonder about his chances in the field of “Medicine.”

Under the guidance of his English Honors teacher, Bob Saget blindly chose the path of acting and joined the infamous Temples University Film School. He graduated with Bachelors In Arts and gave exceptional plays and scripts during his college days. As life was floating seamlessly, there came a sudden traumatic break of his health deterioration, leaving him with the scars of surgery for the gangrenous appendix.


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Bob Saget Biography

Name Bob Saget
Popular names Robert Lane Saget
Profession Actor, Television anchor, Stand up comedian
Date of Birth 17th May, 1956
Age 65 years as of january 2022
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  United States
Nationality American
Height 193 cm/ 1.93 m/ 6’ 3”
Weight 87 kg/ 191.8 lbs
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity Jewish
Education Abington Senior High School

Temple University’s Film School

Father Benjamin 
Mother Rosalyn “Dolly”
Siblings Gay Saget and Andrea Saget
Last updated April 2022

Bob Saget Career

Bob Saget’s Career was an upwards moving slope that never came down until his tragic death. With his debut as Danny Tanner in the movie “Full House,” He became a well-known artist across America. With his Booming Presence, he got the opportunity to anchor the hilarious television show AFV. All along this while, Bob had his dreams of directing his series of movies, starting with “For Hope,” totally dedicated to his no more sister Gay Saget. 


Bob kept showing his versatile side by bringing variations in the characters he chose for himself, whether through making cameo appearances in “Half Baked” as a cocaine addict or portraying the realistic role of a single dad who lost his wife; in “Raising Dads.” Bob Saget, young and energetic as ever, kept on moving forward, battling a war within himself. He also decided to continue his career as an adult standup comedian. 

Bob Saget's Net Worth

Bob Saget’s Net Worth

Bob Saget’s net worth was no less than 50 million dollars before his tragic death. He has left a hefty amount with many properties for his family members. Most of his life and money went into charitable work to bring awareness regarding the deadly condition of Scleroderma.

Bob Saget Personal Life

Bob Saget’s wife, Sherri Kramer, was his first life partner who blessed him with three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer. The second one to enter his life was Kelly Rizzo, the famous host of a food-based show.

The personal life of Bob was not as colorful as we might expect from his performances. He lost his sister to the deadly disease of Scleroderma and was himself wrestling to keep calm after this loss. He came up with the idea of promoting and providing a helping hand for those suffering similar consequences as his sister and came up with a Scleroderma Research Foundation, totally dedicated to this cause.

Bob Saget Death

Bob Saget’s death, a tragic end to his life, was recorded on 9 January this year under suspicious circumstances. Firstly, Bob Saget’s cause of death was not revealed instantly, and everybody waited for his autopsy reports a month later. His death seemed like a conspiracy as he was on his tour before being found unconscious on the floor.

Family members filled with anxiety and grief are still believing that their beloved Bob is no more. The autopsy revealed Bob Saget’s Head Trauma was the cause of his death, and he was suffering from Covid-19 at the time of his death. Bob Saget’s funeral became a big event, and he was given tribute for his phenomenal work in the field of Medicine and the Television Industry.

Final Words

Some stars remain in our hearts after their passing also, and Bob Saget was amongst one of them. The charming personality with a kind heart made him an idol for many upcoming generations.

If you need any further information about the biography of a well-known celebrity, feel free to suggest it in the comments. Above mentioned information is taken from reliable sources and is not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings.

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