Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date And Renewal Status On Netflix

Vince Gilligan created and produced the criminal drama TV show Breaking Bad. The phenomenal fifth season of Breaking Bad has everyone wondering: Will there be a sixth season?

Breaking Bad is one of the most significant television shows of all time. It demonstrated to mainstream audiences that television series could contain sophisticated, long-form narratives that are as excellent as, if not better than, films.


The fifth season of the show concluded in September of 2013. Nonetheless, many fans fantasized about a potential sixth season even after its definite conclusion. Recently, multiple websites revealed rumors about a possible sixth season of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date

According to various entertainment websites, breaking Bad’s creators may be working on the sixth season.

According to rumors, Season 6 of Breaking Bad will focus on Jesse Pinkman’s return and disclose what did happen to Walter White’s secret money. Jesse Pinkman will be the primary protagonist and will strive to recover the Albuquerque drug industry.


Since Bryan Cranston’s Walter White died after Breaking Bad Season 5, he will not appear on the show.

According to sources, Walter White Jr. and his mother, Skyler White, will play significant roles in Season 6. Lastly, the sources suggested that the development of Season 6 will begin following the conclusion of the COVID-19 epidemic. According to rumors, the sixth season of Breaking Bad will premiere in late 2022.



Breaking Bad Season 6 Cast

The expected cast of Breaking Bad season 6 is as follows:

  • Betsy Brandt being Marie Schrader
  • Bryan Cranston being Walter White
  • Bob Odenkirk will perform as Saul Goodman
  • Anna Gunn will act as Skyler White
  • Dean Norris will perform as Hank Schrader
  • Laura Fraser will act as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
  • RJ Mitte in the role of Walter White, Jr.
  • Giancarlo Esposito being Gustavo “Gus” Fring
  • Jonathan Banks being Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Aaron Paul, in the role of Jesse Pinkman
  • Jesse Plemons being Todd Alquist

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Plot

Breaking Bad chronicled the life of Walter White, a low-income high school chemistry teacher with lung cancer.

After being diagnosed with an illness, Walter White resolved to ‘cook’ crystal methamphetamine to fund his medical treatment and gather sufficient funds to assist his family after his death. With the aid of his past student, Jesse Pinkman, Walter quickly learns the basics of the drug trade.


Walter White transformed into a ruthless drug kingpin feared across the state throughout five seasons. After a conflict with his companion, Jesse Pinkman, his identity was eventually revealed to the authorities.

At the end of season 5, Walter White returns to Albuquerque to revenge for the killing of his brother-in-law and deliver his remaining money to his kid. In the last episode, he is shot and killed, although Jesse Pinkman manages to evade the police.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Trailer

No trailer for Breaking Bad season 6 yet. Check the season 5 trailer below:

Where To Watch Breaking Bad Season 6?

Breaking bad previous seasons are available to watch on Netflix and AMC. Season 6 will also release on AMC.