Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date And All Other Updates

A web series that has gained a huge following in recent times is Britain’s Most Evil Killers, which has been one of the most anticipated and popular web series.

Fans of this show have been waiting for this series to continue for many years, and they want more and more seasons to come. We have seen 7 successful seasons of the series so far, and now we are looking forward to the eighth season.


Hence, we have done our best to gather all the possible information about the series we could find. There is also a release date mentioned for Britain’s Most Evil Killers season 8.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date

There is no doubt that all seven seasons of the series were massively successful. And this success can be attributed to the fact that the series added a true crime angle to its overall plotline throughout each season.


Regarding the new eight-season arrival of the show, a lot of rumors are floating around. Fortunately, it appears that the show has not yet been canceled, which is good news.

However, there has been no announcement by the makers as to when the 8th season will be released. There is no doubt that Britain’s Most Evil Killers is one of the most popular series, and looking at the popularity, we can safely assume that the makers will surely announce the eighth season.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Cast


A series’ success is heavily influenced by its star cast, which is one of the most important factors in determining the success of that series.

The characters that will appear in the next season have yet to be announced. Season 8 of the show will, however, feature all the previous stars as season 7 of the show.

  • Elizabeth Yardley
  • Fred Dinenage
  • Geoffrey Wansell
  • Stuart Hamilton
  • Rex Julian Beaber
  • Chris Carter
  • Louis B. Schlesinger
  • Ross Huguet

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Plot

Some true crime shows on the Pick Tv network are broadcast in the UK, such as Britain’s Most Evil Killers. It is a documentary series narrated by Fred Dinenage, which premiered in 2017 and told the story of some of the most heinous and despicable serial killers to have ever been imprisoned in the United States over the past three decades.

According to the series synopsis, as well as criminologists, criminal psychiatrists, and law enforcement agents who appear in each of the six seasons, three main specialists who offer examinations and evaluations will also be featured.

In the first season of this series, which started in 2017, the main focus is on the cruelest and most brutal serial killers who were sent to prison for more than 30 years in England in order to commit their crimes.

There is a part of each episode where the narrator reviews the statements of the investigation and provides a brief summary of what was said that led to the conclusion that the highlighted murderer was one of the most horrible murderers of all time.

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Trailer

Well, talking about the trailer for season 8, we are sorry to inform you that till now, the makers of the series have not revealed any information about the trailer.

Thus we can say that fans of the series will have to wait for some time. But meanwhile, the fans can watch the trailer for season 7. As we have mentioned in the link below, all you have to do is tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the video.

Where To Watch Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8?

There is currently an online stream for a documentary series called Britain’s Most Evil Killers that you can watch in its early stages. It can be viewed on Now TV if you wish to watch it.

Final Word

The fact that Britain’s Most Evil Killers is one of the most popular series that has managed to attract a vast following over the years is no doubt one of the best qualities of the series.

Since the series started, fans have been enjoying it very much, and the reason behind the series’ success is that it is based on true crime stories.

The fact remains that, as promised above, we have made every effort to provide you with all the details about the series we can. Our hope is that this article will be helpful to you in some way.