Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & All Other Information

A thriller based on a true story, Buried In Barstow, revolves around Hazel, who struggles to protect her only daughter Joy King despite her dark past. 

Unlike other Lifetime Network shows, Buried in Barstow is a darker and more realistic show that is the first of its kind. This film was a huge success in part one, and now fans eagerly anticipate the release of season 2 of the film.


Therefore we have mentioned all the possible information regarding the series Buried In Barstow. Not only this, but we have also mentioned the details about the Buried In Barstow part 2 release date.

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date

There is no doubt that the release date of this movie will be one of its most anticipated things. And its true that fans are very sure in their minds that the second sequel will be released very soon.


The conclusion of season 1 suggests that, by looking at the ending, there will be a season 2 as well. At this point, however, the makers have disclosed no details about the movie.

However, from the information we have gathered, the Buried In Barstow sequel might be released in the year 2023. Till then, fans will have to wait for the makers to release anything about the series.

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Cast

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Cast


In addition to the cast, we all know this is another important factor that must be considered. There is no doubt that the popularity of the show depends on that factor.

Despite that, we have already mentioned all the details about the cast list of sequel 2 below.

  • Angie Harmon as Hazel King
  • Kristoffer Polaha  as Elliot
  • George Paez as Javier
  • Lauren Richards as Joy
  • imothy Granaderos as Travis

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Plot

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Plot

Hazel will fight for the life of her family, and she will take her vengeance back on her nemesis with a vengeance. To get revenge for herself and Javier, she was going to find out who tried to kill her in the first place and get revenge on them.

There was still a mystery as to whether Javier would make a full recovery after he was abducted by the people who almost killed Hazel.

It is also worth mentioning that the romance between Hazel and Elliot has yet to blossom to its full potential.

The mother-daughter duo could face many more problems when Joy’s love interest, Travis, comes into the picture. In the meantime, things are getting worse on the other side of the fence.

However, Joy’s boyfriend, Travis, has somehow managed to survive the whole ordeal. As a result of his invitation, Joy has decided to join him. 

The fact that Hazel has to worry about that is yet another thing she has to worry about. A new life is being given to Lifetime movies by Harmon, who believes the film provides a fresh perspective.

On the other hand, the movie Buried In Barstow is dark, gritty, and more or less similar to Yellowstone, as opposed to the usual cookie-cutter films of the same genre.

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Buried In Barstow Part 2 Trailer

Well, the trailer for part 2 is yet to arrive; as we have mentioned above, the movie’s release date has not yet been released. So it’s too soon to expect a part 2 trailer.

But don’t worry, as, for you, we have mentioned the trailer link of part 1. So you can watch it by clicking on the link below case you have yet to watch it.

Where To Watch Buried In Barstow Part 2?

The question you might be asking now is where you go to watch such an amazing movie. The answer to this question is Spectrum TV, Prime Video, or Vudu on your Roku device.

Final Word

As an action thriller, Buried In Barstow tells the story of Hazel and the struggles she endures to overcome the mysteries of her past.

As the first part of Buried In Barstow ended, we were treated to a cinematic climax in which Hazel struggled to breathe in Elliot’s arms; Elliot screamed that he would save her; Travis returned from what was believed to be his grave, and Javier was abducted.

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