Caliphate Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

‘Caliphate’ is a Swedish sequel by Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockstrom. The sequel debuted in January 2020 on SVT and was selected for the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize.

Its fame resulted in its addition by Netflix and its next takeoff in March 2020. The sequel is an eight-part comedy that contracts with the difficult radicalization strategy of ISIS recruitment. We have you covered in case you question when Caliphate season 2 will premiere.


Caliphate Season 2 Release Date

Although multiple people are waiting to catch Caliphate season 2, there is no authorized statement on whether the second season will be continued or canceled.

The producer Wilhelm Behrman stated he was now performing on another project. And when he was asked whether there will be Caliphate season 2, he was quoted stating: “Oh, I don’t understand. We have one to two new undertakings coming up.

It’s much pleasure to compose amazing stuff rather than second seasons.” Well, that’s not a hopeful sign.


So, currently, we cannot expect that there will be Caliphate season 2. Yet, anyone can transform their mind. If, in any case, they choose to resume with the second season, we can hope to see it probably next year in 2023 at the before on Netflix.

Caliphate Season 2 Release Date

Caliphate Season 2 Cast

The expected cast of the Caliphate season 2 is as follows:

  • Gizem Erdogan being Pervin
  • Albin Grenholm being Calle
  • Amed Bozan will act as Husam,
  • Nora Rios will perform as Sulle
  • Aliette Opheim will play the role of Fatima.
  • Amanda Sohrabi will act as Kerima.

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Caliphate Season 2 Plot

The story begins with Pervin, a youthful Muslim lady from Sweden who lives beneath the ISIS regime in Raqqa, Syria, with her Islamic State member hubby Husam and their nascent daughter Latifa. Disenchanted with life in ISIS-held Raqqa, Pervin is looking to deliver to Sweden.

After receiving a cell phone from her neighbor and buddy Tine (pulled away from Pervin’s house, where she was concealing attempting to escape being pushed to remarry after her husband’s demise), she gets Dolores, an anti-radicalization champion in Sweden.

Dolores sets Pervin in contact with Fatima, a representative of the Swedish Security Service. Fatima is at chance with the administration due to some earlier happening with “Lorentz.”

Fatima begins speaking with Pervin over the phone and attempts to perform with her for espionage linked to a panic episode in Sweden in business for a secure recovery to Sweden for Pervin and her daughter.

Pervin means Fatima regarding “Al Musafir,” or the Traveler, who is in Sweden and is preparing the attack. Al Musafir is Ibrahim “Ibbe” Haddad, functioning as a teacher’s aid in a high school while compelling others into the panic episode.

He has already drafted two brothers – Jacob, a one-time criminal and drunk, and Emil, the younger, sharp, and mentally disabled sibling.

The two have a tight connection with their mom, who prefers Emil and glances down on Jacob for his history and transformation to Islam. Beneath different originality, Ibbe even compels Miryam, introduced in Baghdad, and vows a wedding in exchange for her job in his dreams.

Caliphate Season 2 Plot

Ibbe simultaneously attempts to radicalize youthful girls at the high school by transferring ISIS recruitment tapes and propaganda. He successfully compels Sulle, a Palestine activist, and her buddy Kerima, both 15-year-old girls who begin fraying the hijab and enduring lessons in obeying Sharia regulations.

The girls have displayed images of palaces and implied that if they were pushed to the Islamic Caliphate, they could live extravagantly and be part of something extraordinary by marrying jihadist soldiers.

Sulle’s parents smart up to their daughter’s radicalization and attempt to control her by intimidating her to wed her off to a family in Jordan.

Sulle inadvertently hurts her 13-year-old sister Lisha into the Islamic revolutionary principles, the importance of which is not completely recognized until afterward in the concert.

At the house, Kerima is physically beaten by her drunken father, who has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after having clashed in the Second Chechen War; hunting her, Ibbe abides Kerima into his house to imbue her further.

Caliphate Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 2 yet. Check the season 1 trailer below:

Where To Watch Caliphate Season 2?

Caliphate season 2 will release on SVT1, and season 1 is available to watch on SVT1+.