Call Me Mother Season 3 Release Date: When Is The Anime Coming

In the past, Fox has always offered its viewers the best of the best in television programming. The Fox series and movies are loved by many loyal fans of the series and movies that Fox produces.

We will discuss one of the best series on Fox, which happens to be Call Me Mother. Call Me Mother is expected to return to Fox soon after its successful debut and huge success with the previous two seasons. 


Fox is preparing for something big by announcing a new season of the show. We have discussed all the details about the series in this article and mentioned more details about when the Call Me Mother season 3 release date as the fans are eagerly waiting for it. 

Call Me Mother Season 3 Release Date

Call Me Mother Season 3 Release Date

Fox has given the thumbs-up to Call Me Mother’s third-season renewal, which is great news for fans of the show. In other words, the series has been renewed for a new season, but the producers haven’t yet announced a specific release date for the new season.


In October of 2022, the second season of Call Me Mother was released, so if we follow that timeline, then we can expect the third season of the series to get released sometime in the year 2023.

The above are only predictions, to know the exact release date for the new season of Call Me Mother, fans of the series will have to wait patiently until the makers do not reveal any updates regarding the new season.

Call Me Mother Season 3 Cast

Call Me Mother Season 3 Cast


There are no updates right now since the series is still way ahead of its release date, which means we don’t have any updates for the cast of season 3. If we were to predict the next season, we would see the cast from previous seasons reappear for the new season.

  • Peppermint
  • Dallas Dixon (Host)
  • Sébastien Potvin
  • Colin Munro
  • Farra N. Hyte
  • Toddy 
  • Valerie Hunt 
  • Kiki Coe 
  • Jaime Lujan 
  • Ashlee Steward 
  • Connor McCalden 

Call Me Mother Season 3 Plot

Call Me Mother Season 3 Plot

It is no secret that people from different countries worldwide are very much enamored with reality shows. There was great excitement for both viewers and contestants throughout the first season of Call Me Mother.

This competition differs from other drag TV shows in that it has the same format as The Voice: a panel of coaches selects which contestants they want to be a part of their “house” and is responsible for coaching that particular contestant throughout the competition.

We are going to get to see some new challenges to complete that will be thrilling as well as adventurous for the viewers, as well as the contestants, over the course of the show.

The plot for season 3 isn’t very clear yet, but we can tell you that to make the show more entertaining, the makers will bring new challenges and gameplay to make it more entertaining in season 3.

Call Me Mother Season 3 Trailer

The season three trailer for Call Me Mother is unfortunately unavailable. We all know that the show’s makers still need to reveal a release date for season 3, so it is too early to expect a trailer for the upcoming season.

For fans to have their hands on the trailer for season 3 of the show, they will have to wait patiently for the release date. In the meantime, until the trailer for season 3 is released, you can watch the trailer for season 2 by clicking the link we have provided below.

Where To Watch Call Me Mother Season 3?

As a person who enjoys adventure and entertainment, you must wonder where to watch this amazing reality show. On the Roku Channel, you can access a competition reality series called Call Me Mother, which is available to stream online. 

In addition, once season 3 is released, it will also appear on the same streaming platforms as the previous seasons.

Final Word

There is a famous reality show called Call Me Mother, which is quite different from most reality shows. There is no doubt that the plot of the show, as well as the way it was presented, has left a great impact on the fans, who were very much impressed by the show.

We strongly recommend this show to all of our viewers if they like adventure and entertainment shows, and you won’t regret watching this show if you do.

Although, as we have promised above, we have included all the specific information about the show in this article. We hope this information will be helpful to you in some way, and we hope you will find it useful.