Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2 Release Date: Is A New Season Looming On The Horizon?

There can be no doubt that Bollywood is one of the most dramatic, chaotic, and busy film industries in the world. It is a comedy series that has managed to grab a lot of attention from all over the world, and that makes it a very popular one.

For four Mumbai talent agents struggling to save their sinking company, it’s never a dull moment as they pull off casting coups and calm celebrity egos in an attempt to save a company in financial trouble.


Despite the fact that this show only had one season, it has a 7.3 IMDb rating and has received a lot of positive reviews. There is no doubt that fans of the series are anxiously awaiting the release date of the series’s second season.

This is why today, in this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Call My Agent: Bollywood season 2. We have also included some important information, such as the release date of Season 2.

Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2 Release Date

Call My Agent Bollywood Season 2 Release Date


Having said that, this show is very popular among people, and as mentioned above, it has attracted a lot of attention. Aside from this, there has also been a positive reception from the critics, who have given it a good rating.

As a result, there is no doubt that Call My Agent: Bollywood has been able to become an overnight success in just one season. However, the series makers have yet to reveal details about how and when the series will be released for the second season.

However, based on the sources and predictions we have, we are confident that if our predictions prove to be correct, there is a good chance that the show will be renewed by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.


Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2 Cast

Call My Agent Bollywood Season 2 Cast

During the second season, it is expected that the main cast for the show will continue in the same manner as it was during the first season.

  • Rajat Kapoor (Monty Behl)
  • Aahana Kumra (Amal Ahmed)
  • Ayush Mehra (Mehershad Sodawala)
  • Soni Razdan (Treasa Matthews)
  • Anuschka Sawhney (Jasleen)
  • Merenla Imsong (Nancy)
  • Aban Deohans (Stuti)
  • Priyasha Bhardwaj (Sonia)
  • Suchitra Pillai (Suchitra)
  • Raghav Lekhi (Sid)
  • Rohan Joshi (Jignesh)

Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2 Plot

Call My Agent Bollywood Season 2 Plot

This story revolves around the death of the head of a particular casting agency, resulting in the agency falling into utter chaos as a result of the loss of the head.

Monty, Amal, Mehershad, and Treasa have now been entrusted with the management of the agency, and it is clear that they do not get along.

This show has a lot going on; it is full of chaos while the agency tries to find new talent for some of the Bollywood stars, and with that comes the amount of debt the company has accumulated.

There are also a number of legal implications that are faced by the company because of its expenditure of funds, putting the entire organization into turmoil as a result.

Despite the fact that they are already living dysfunctional lives in their professional lives, their personal lives are also not in the best shape either.

Most of these people always end up doing things that turn their love life into a total mess, and that’s how the story continues.

Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2 Trailer

Till now, there is no trailer available for season 2. Thus we can say that fans of this series will have to wait for some time till the makers dont make any revelation.

Apart from this, the fans of this series can watch the trailer for season 1, as we have mentioned in the link below. So all you have to do is to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the video.

Where To Watch Call My Agent: Bollywood Season 2?

There is no doubt that Bollywood is one of the most popular Netflix series that has enthralled a huge following of fans. Obviously, it would be easy to guess that this series is available on Netflix. In addition, when season 2 is released, it will also be available on the same streaming platform as season 1.

Final Word

All of us know that this is one of the most popular series on television and has managed to garner a huge following of fans all over the world over the years.

However, we are sure that we have done our best to gather as much information as possible about this popular series, just as we have promised you.