Cannon Busters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

It is a series of fantasy comic books published under Cannon Busters in the United States of America. On the 15th of August 2019, the show’s first season premiered for the first time.

There is an original Netflix series called S.A.M., which tells the story of a friendship robot who goes on a quest to find a lost friend. There is a fugitive traveling with the robot along with a stunning pink Cadillac.


Satelight and Yumeta have worked together on the animation of the series. Moreover, we are all familiar with Satelight’s Log Horizon studio, which has been approved multiple times for new seasons in the past.

Moreover, we have accumulated all the possible details regarding the series. Not only this, but in this article, we have also mentioned details about the Cannon Busters season 2 release date.

Cannon Busters Season 2 Release Date

Cannon Busters Season 2 Release Date


Without confirmation that the show will be revived, the announcement of the second season of Cannon Busters is stern. The show’s second season has not yet been officially announced, and no official details have been released.

A specific release date has not yet been announced, nor have any formal announcements about it. Considering that period, it is possible that season 2 of the show could be released in the winter of 2022-2023 if the program is reactivated at short notice.

However, fans eagerly await the second season, as we all know that Cannon Busters have achieved immense popularity in a short period of time.


Cannon Busters Season 2 Cast

Cannon Busters Season 2 Cast

Throughout the anime, Philly is an outlaw who is considered to be the most dangerous criminal in Gearbolt’s western areas because he is irritable and profane.

He accompanies Samberry on her voyage, and he is by her side the whole time. The immortality of Philly goes hand in hand with the fact that he is everlasting.

Prince Toji has been separated from his young robot daughter, the daughter of his robotic ancestor. As well as being enthusiastic and naive, S.A.M. enjoys making friends and getting to know new people.

When one of her companions is in jeopardy, she transforms into a Cannon Buster to protect them. During the time that his realm was under attack, he was separated from his close friend, S.A.M., much to his chagrin, and was forced to accompany Odin to Gara’s Keep to survive.

Cannon Busters Season 2 Plot

Cannon Busters Season 2 Plot

Cannon Busters is set in the beautiful world of Gearbolt, which provides a wonderful setting for the storyline to unfold. The novel’s plot unfolds as two best friends part ways and must find a way to reunite during their journey across the entire world to reunite in the future.

As the lead character in the story, Sam is a high-tech friendship droid embarking on a journey to discover what has happened to her long-lost best friend, Prince Kelby, who is believed to be the heir to her embattled kingdom.

She is then accompanied on her exciting expedition on the outskirts of her empire by an out-of-date, tremendously high-spirited, and in desperate need of an upgrade, a bot named Casey Turnbuckle, which becomes the companion of the young woman as she embarks on her exciting expedition.

There is a 17-year-old bandit named Philly who is also known in the kingdom of Gearbolt as one of the youngest wanted vigilantes, and when Philly realizes this, he decides to join them in some way as he is connected to them in some way.

In addition, one of the greatest swordsmen of all time is the glue that binds the three of them together; 9ine. He is not as well known as he should be because of his indiscreet drinking habits and his traumatic past.

He takes to the city’s streets in his gigantic Cadillac Eldorado, which can be converted into a sentient, massive robot, allowing him to move around freely.

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Cannon Busters Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second season of Cannon Busters is not available. However, we can say that fans have to wait a little longer for the second season trailer.

Till then, you can watch the trailer for season 1 of Cannon Busters. However, we have mentioned the trailer link f season 1 below.

Where To Watch Cannon Busters Season 2?

It has been mentioned previously that Cannon Busters Season 2 has not been released yet, and there have been no trailers released yet, so it is not available on any of the current O.T.T. platforms.

On the other hand, one can watch the first season of Cannon Busters on Crunchyroll and on Netflix right now, and one can watch it right away if one wishes.

Final Word

There can be a delay in the release of Cannon Busters Season 2 compared to the arrival of other Netflix animated series. Japanese animation and African-American animation styles have been blended to create anime.

Cannon Busters season two has yet to be released, but fans eagerly await the release date for both seasons.