Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery: Everything You Should Know

There is no doubt that Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress who is renowned for her versatility. Recently, she has been seen in one of the Netflix series called Wednesday, which aired on the streaming service.

The reports claim that she recently underwent a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast implants, facelifts, rhinoplasty procedures, and botox injections.


Celebrities are no strangers to the idea of having cosmetic surgery performed on them; we can see that it’s not new for them. Her role in Wednesday as Morticia Addams was one of the most memorable in the series.

Before After Pictures Of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Before After Pictures Of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has caused quite a sensation since the start of the show Wednesday due to the fact that her looks have changed a lot since the time she first appeared on the show.


In the promotional campaign for the show, she appeared younger than she was, as if she was still in her teenage years. Due to this, many people assumed that an A-list Hollywood celebrity must have had something wrong with her face and started to wonder if she had undergone plastic surgery.

Many people in the crowd thought she had undergone plastic surgery since she had such a tight and taut face, causing them to think she might have had plastic surgery.

There have been numerous cosmetic treatments that she has undergone in the past, including breast implants, a facelift, a nose job, as well as a lot of Botox.


Despite this, when the reports asked Catherine about the plastic surgery she underwent, she simply denied that she had ever undergone any surgery.

It is more likely that she claims that she is aging and that the changes to her face that people are noticing are the results of the workload she is facing and the stress she is under.

It is no secret that the 53-year-old actress cares about her family and is always trying her best to balance her private and professional lives.

It was previously reported that the Wednesday cast had denied having plastic surgery in the past when asked about her surgical procedures to maintain her stunning appearance.

Rather than relying on plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance, Catherine Zeta-Jones attributes her youthful appearance to exercise and a healthy diet.

Secret Of Catherine Zeta-Jones Beauty

Secret Of Catherine Zeta-Jones Beauty

According to the actress, the secret to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ timeless beauty was “argan oil and plenty of water.” In an interview last year, Ms. Zeta-Jones spoke about this.

Catherine quoted in an interview that she credited her appearance to a healthy diet and exercise she practices regularly.

According to her, real hydration can only be achieved by drinking a lot of water. It is never a good idea to drink diet sodas. I exercise on my treadmill or go for a power walk outdoors every day because I feel it’s healthy for my body to sweat every day.” And that’s the secret of her beauty, is claimed by her in a recent interview.

It is True That Catherine Zeta-Jones Had Plastic Surgery

It is True That Catherine Zeta-Jones Had Plastic Surgery

In spite of the fact that she has no makeup on, her eyelids are an excellent example of how plastic surgery can work. Before having her children, she had a low hairline, but she was still beautiful despite having a low hairline.

Following that, her hairline appeared to lift significantly, which indicated that her eyebrows had been raised as a result of the procedure. 

It is also noticeable that her breasts have grown bigger and firmer in comparison to the pictures she took then and now. According to doctors, the only way to achieve such a level of transformation is to undergo breast enhancement.

As for her nose job, it is telling; rather than being broad and bland, it has been shaped in such a way as to appear narrow and pointed.

There is no reason for this to be done because she looked great before it was done. Nonetheless, some believe that if she hadn’t had Botox to smooth out her wrinkles, her ancient nose would have looked odd on such flawless skin.

Final Word

Aside from this, Catherine said that she enjoyed dancing to keep in shape and that it was healthy for her mental well-being to be active and on her feet throughout the day.

In addition to the facelift and cheek implants that have been rumored to have been performed on the actress, eyebrow lifts and botox have also been suggested as potential procedures.