Control Z Season 3 Ending And Storyline Explained! Check Here!

Netflix’s Mexican YA mystery ‘Control Z’ comes back with a breathless season 3 that tracks the ever-worsening secrets covering the students of the National School. 

As the bad online risk, @allyoursecrets risks dribbling the pupil body’s most profound mysteries again, Sofía and her classmates work to hide the cruel death they saw the last year.


With things reaching increasingly dead, this is the Mexican YA secret drama’s most damaging season yet. No one is above fear, and the faceless enemy appears to have extended beyond simply the school. 

The future, fittingly, endows us with some burning questions. Are you willing to unravel the secrets of ‘Control Z’ season 3? Let’s gather out what’s what.

Control Z Season 3 Release Date

Before some days, everyone asks, when is Control Z Season 3 arriving? So, Control Z season 3 premiered on July 6, 2022. Control Z season 3 is placed TV-MA. This has been the age rating as the series premiered. The series is told to be managed by mature audiences and may not be appropriate for ages 17 and under. 


There will be stuff that numerous parents would think wrong for younger kids to supervise, like sex, nude, brutality, blood, smoking, drinking, and scary and passionate scenes. 

We suggest watching Control Z season 3 in the convenience of your room when the children are settled or folded in and prepared for bed.

Control Z Season 3 Release Date


Control Z Season 3 Cast

The cast of season 3 will be as follows:

  • Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Yankel Stevan
  • Iván Aragón
  • Luis Curiel
  • Michael Ronda
  • Samantha Acuña
  • Fiona Palomo María 
  • Zión Moreno
  • Andrés Baida
  • Patricia Maqueo
  • Rodrigo Cachero
  • Macarena García Romero
  • Patricio Gallardo
  • Xabiani Ponce 
  • Rocío Verdejo

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Control Z Season 3 Plot

Season 3 opens in the direct aftermath of season 2, with Sofía and the other scholars, gathered around star Susana’s body. Having only dropped off at the school building, she is finished, and the scholars panic. Finally, they choose not to contact the police and run the scene. 

We are then brought a year on, and the students find that Susana’s dead body was discovered in her flat, and her reason for death was deemed suicide. 

While most are relieved, Sofía stays sure that not saying Susana’s death will return and torment them. Soon sufficiently, @allyoursecrets started to post threatening statements on social media once again, risking revealing that the investigators generated Susana’s death.

Control Z Season 3 Plot

When it is found that Raúl assumed the picture was being used to blackmail the pupils, he once again becomes the excellent suspect. Nevertheless, Raúl’s plight makes it clear that their true bully is someone else. 

Because of his account getting felled by @allyoursecrets, Raúl locates himself penniless and lost. Meanwhile, Gerry catches himself in young jail for killing Luis.

After getting released from the building, unable to go household, Gerry is brought in by Luis’ suffering mom.

Sofía and Javier attempt desperately to track down the essence of the whole @allyoursecrets. Still, their association fails when Javier shows that his dad (a favorite footballer) enabled push Susana’s body to create a glimpse of a suicide. 

Despite the faceless blackmailer’s hostile actions, Sofía resumes chasing after him. She eventually tracks down the social media posts and the cruel games to Bruno, who used to be the leader of the school IT division, before being released for beginning @allyoursecrets.

Control Z Season 3 Trailer

Check the season 3 trailer below:

Where To Watch Control Z Season 3?

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