Dear Zoe Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Dear Zoe is a drama-loaded film which is produced by Gren Wells. The movie is Not available for funding and is N/A in length. In this movie, Sing performs as a teenager called Tess who is overwhelmed by guilt, need, and despair after a relative passes in a hit and run. 

Tess discovers surprising reliance on her dada, which just let her down in history. Dear Zoe is expected to release in 2022 and was motivated by the Philip Beard sequel. 


Dear Zoe is an adult sequel by the composer Philip Beard initially released in 2004. The author is just 15-years-old Tess DeNunzio, who composes about her sister Zoe regarding her life after she dies. The sequel tracks the storyline of Tess’s initial year of high school. Here are all details about the Dear Zoe movie. 

Dear Zoe Movie Release Date

dear zoe movie release date

The shooting for the Dear Zoe movie started in October 2019 and finished in November 2019. The movie’s principal shooting went thru pre-production with the sequel in 2010. Dear Zoe movie will release in 2022. But there is no confirmed release date yet. It will be expected to release in October 2022.


Dear Zoe Movie Cast

dear zoe movie cast

The cast of the Dear Zoe movie will be as follows:

  • Sadie Sink being Tess DeNunzio
  • Kweku Collins in the role of Jimmy Freeze
  • Justin Bartha will act as David Gladstone
  • Sophie Guest being Caitlin
  • Theo Rossi will act as Nick DeNunzio
  • Emmy James being Ashley
  • Vivien Lyra Blair in the role of Emily Gladstone
  • Jessica Capshaw will perform as Elly Gladstone
  • Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz will act as Zoe Gladstone
  • Tanyell Waivers will perform as Vicky

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Dear Zoe Movie Plot

The movie depicts the storyline of Tess DeNunzio, wracked by shame after losing her sister in a mishap during the September 11 invasions. 

The plotline started with the 15-years old boy, who knows now they called her sister. Tess provides a perspective on her family in the initial chapter. The narrator knows that Tess has two half-sisters. 

Her real dad is a mess. Tess communicated that his relationship with David is much church from that of her two sisters. Then in the 3rd part, the narrator finds info about her sister.

It has been approximately a year since something horrible occurred. She communicated regarding how the family has been struggling. The family members enrolled in therapy and attempted to move beyond the passing of Zoe, but things are becoming complex. 

dear zoe movie release date

Tess’s mother has become sadder and was previously the main leader of the home, but currently, David and Tess do anything throughout the home. Tess knows that her mom may be sleeping with Justin, a youthful guy doing a job at a store inside the street from his home. 

After this occurrence, Tess chooses to shift with her real dad. She begins to adapt to her new lifestyle changes and has difficulty understanding she left her sis Em, who is younger than her.

She visits her at school and pledges to see her once each week. Tess shares a moment with Jimmy Freeze, her neighbor, during which she listens to the music he is performing.

After this point, she begins to visit him more frequently. She ultimately approaches him while resting on her porch and offers him a beverage, but his father forbids her to do so.

Her father then tells her to avoid him. While resting on the porch one day, Travis approaches her. Travis is her father’s “buddy.” Tess thinks it peculiar that Travis offers him money to present to her dad.

He asks Tess whether she has ever consumed the “product,” but she does not comprehend. Travis asks Tess if she wants to consume marijuana, but she declines.

After Travis departs, Tess confronts her father over his trafficking of marijuana. Tess begins spending with Jimmy Freeze without notifying her father after their encounter.

Jimmy slips into Tess’s balcony one night, and they smoke marijuana together. Tess works at a lemonade stand on the boardwalk during the summer.

Jimmy and Tess began spending a great deal of time together. They smoked and kissed extensively. David requests that Tess resume phoning her mother, and their relationship improves.

On her sixteenth birthday, Tess discovers that her father and brother have been arrested for trafficking marijuana. Tess is at home with her dog when her father returns from prison.

Her dog rushes into the street, prompting her father to strike the animal. Jimmy remains with her while her dad takes the dog to the veterinary. This experience prompts her to recall what transpired with Zoe.

She recounts how she was meant to be outside babysitting Zoe but instead rushed inside to watch the 9/11 news when her sister went into the street and was struck and murdered by a car.

Her father will arrive hours later, and her dog will be OK. The following morning, she forces her father to bring her home to obtain a photograph of Zoe.

When she enters, she understands she must remain. In the last chapter, she discusses how she is dealing; she continues to visit Jimmy frequently, and things improve for Tess.

Dear Zoe Movie Trailer

No trailer has been released yet. But it is expected that we will soon get a trailer for the movie. Stay tuned with us!