DeShaun Watson Girlfriend Jilly Anais Has Sparked Controversy

It has been said that Derrick Deshaun Watson plays in the position of a quarterback in the American Football league. As of March 18, 2022, he has been a member of the Cleveland Browns football team after being traded to the Houston Texans in March of 2021.

There was controversy the past few days involving Deshaun Watson and his girlfriend Jilly Anais due to various reasons. 


It was the exacerbation of Watson’s alleged sexual improprieties involving various massage therapists, accompanied by the emergence of new details about these alleged improprieties, that most concerned the public.

How Does Jilly Anais Know Deshaun Watson?

Apparently, Deshaun Watson has found the lady luck he’s been looking for. According to reports, the quarterback of the Browns is involved in a relationship with actress and Instagram model Jilly Anais.

Her parents were basketball players Jules K Moor and Theresa Wilturner nee Moor, who both died of hepatitis C as teenagers. She was raised in Houston, Texas. The amount of followers she has on Instagram is over 2.5 million. Anais won Miss Teen Houston 2011 as the winner.


While apart from this, DeShaun Watson also has a good amount of followers in his Twitter handler, since he is also quite active.

DeShaun Watson Girlfriend Jilly Anais

Watson is accused of being a sexual assault victim

It has been reported that the NFL star is now facing 22 civil lawsuits alleging he is involved in some form of sexual assault or misconduct.

Several of the lawsuits point to the fact that Watson had been hired by middle-aged women to perform massages on him, and Texas lawyer, Tony Buzbee, has implied that he has been speaking to several other alleged victims as well.


There are three women who have come forward to claim that Watson forced them to perform oral sex on him during a December 2020 encounter, according to the third woman who has come forward.

According to TMZ, the alleged victim told the massage therapist that Watson wanted to concentrate on the area between his inner thighs and glutes during the treatment.

Following months of silence, Watson finally decided to speak to the media about the matter. During his interview, he was visibly emotional when talking about how the court’s ruling affected him.

Watson said in an interview that: “This is definitely an emotional moment for me at the moment.”. The legal side is a major issue for us, and today was definitely a big day for us. Even though it may seem like we are closer to being done with our legal issues than we ever thought possible.”

Watson used Twitter to tweet a special message a short time later. In a message posted on Twitter this afternoon, he wrote, “When you stand on the truth, the LORD will free you!”.

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Jilly Anais and Deshaun Watson have been dating for how long now?

After meeting in Los Angeles early in the new year and becoming friends on social media, Deshaun Watson and Jilly Anais were reunited in the middle of 2019 and began dating.

Jilly Anais is one of Deshaun Watson’s closest friends, and she had always stood by him when they faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

Have Watson’s claims been addressed?

In a tweet he posted on April 16, 2021, Watson flatly denied the allegations, insisting that no woman he had ever treated had been treated in any less than the most respectful way.

The latest development in the legal matters involving me came to my attention as a result of a post made on social media by a publicity-seeking plaintiff’s lawyer.

My response to the complaint is that I have not yet seen it, but I am confident I have never treated a woman any differently than I have treated any other human being.

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