Diana Jenkins Fiance And All Other Key Facts

Diana Jenkins, who is known for her philanthropic work, has joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a new member. Considering that her debut on RHOBH ruffled a few feathers as a self-proclaimed villain, fans are anxious to learn more about her backstory.

Diana and her ex-husband Roger Jenkins filed for divorce twice after they separated amicably in 2009 after an agreement was reached toward their separation.


The relationship between Diana and Roger has not remained the same since that point in time. There is no doubt that Roger’s marriage was nullified by the divorce, while Diana also found a new partner.

In the year 2022, the reality star will be getting married to her new partner. However, who is her fiancé? Also, what are their relationships like between them?

What is Diana Jenkins’ fiance’s name?

Diana Jenkins Fiance


As of now, there is no clear indication of when Diana Jenkins and Asher Monroe first began dating, even though research shows that they have known each other for more than a decade.

They shared their feelings for each other through social media, which shows their feelings for the other 49-year-old reality star and singer/songwriter.

The same day that we first met, 12 years ago, Asher wrote, ‘I still cannot believe it will be 12 years since I first lay eyes on you’ on Instagram.


He continued, “It feels like a blur of wild and crazy fun.” But if all we were doing were highs, it wouldn’t be real. I feel I have been nourished in my soul by the experience of true love, he added.

Diana’s second marriage will take place this year

Having divorced her husband of two years in 2009, Diana remarried a banker she met in London, Roger Jenkins, whom she had been dating since 2001.

It is reported in The Daily Mail that Diana received a $250 million settlement from her divorce. On the RHOBH, she confessed that the reason she divorced her husband was that she was “not happy” with him.

Diana has been known to him for at least 12 years

Diana Jenkins Fiance

As we said above, Diana and Asher had known each other for 12 years. It seems likely that they knew each other since he would have been around 21 years old at the time.

Asher’s Instagram post on Valentine’s Day noted that it had been 12 years since he first met Diana, noting that he had last seen her back in 2007.

Asher revealed to Pop Hearts TV in 2021 that he had long admired his future spouse-to-be during an interview with the network. Diana was mentioned as one of the most influential people in his career path by Asher when discussing his career path. 

Diana and Asher started a record label together in 2012

Diana Jenkins Fiance

According to IMDB, Asher’s most recent acting credit was on The Mentalist, which aired in 2010. Prior to that, he was a cast member of Parenthood, playing the character of Steve Williams.

In the last few years, Asher’s creative energy has been directed in large part towards pursuing a music career. Having collaborated with Diana to found an independent record label in 2012, he has established a reputation for posting snippets of his live performances on Instagram ever since.

There is no doubt in my mind that he still has the same voice as when he sang “Someone to Watch Over Me” all those years ago on the set of Fame.

As a young musician, he was not used to sharing the early stages of song development with other people. The first songs that he used to make while making music were held on to for weeks, months, or even years before they were made available to his fans.

Final Word

Throughout Asher’s career, he has collaborated with some of the most well-known artists, including Sean Kingston and Chris Brown. 

It’s unclear when Asher proposed to Diana or when the couple plans to tie the knot, but she has worn a ring on her left ring finger since at least 2021.