Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far

Every time the Doctor renews, Doctor Who also regenerates, transforming. But with the conclusion of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall’s period comes a peculiar sense of familiarity, courtesy of the return of Russell T. Davies, the TV icon who revived Doctor Who in 2005.

Never before has the Whovian community been more excited for a new season, but what can we anticipate from the series moving forward? Join us in the local telephone booth as we discuss the upcoming events of Doctor Who season 14.


Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date

Fans of Doctor Who will be thrilled to learn that showrunner Russell T. Davies has finally disclosed in an interview the debut date for Doctor Who Season 14.

Although the timeline may disappoint some, there is at least an official release date for the next chapter of the Time Lord’s regeneration.

The premiere of Season 14 will occur on November 23, 2023. That may seem like a long time, but given that it is the 60th anniversary of the series, the date seems to be significant for all the right reasons.


Fans of one of the longest-running science-fiction series on television know when they will be entertained by Season 14 of Doctor Who in 2023.

Doctor Who Season 14 Release date
Doctor Who Season 14 Release date

Doctor Who Season 14 Cast

The expected cast list for Doctor Who season 14 is as follows:

  • Tom Baker being the Fourth Doctor
  • Louise Jameson will play the role of Leela
  • Elisabeth Sladen will act as Sarah Jane Smith

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Doctor Who Season 14 Plot

Before announcing Russell’s comeback, the BBC’s Director of Drama, Piers Wenger, stated via Elliot Gonzalez, “As with any shift of Doctor and series producer, we’ll be radical.”

However, few could have imagined that this transition would include the return of Doctor Who’s most famous director years after he originally departed the series. Regarding this, Russell stated:

“I am beyond thrilled to return to my favorite show. But we’re time-traveling too quickly; I still have a whole season of Jodie Whittaker’s wonderful Doctor to see, directed by my friend and idol Chris Chibnall. I’m a watcher for the time being.”

Regarding his successor, Chibnall remarked, “It’s monumentally thrilling and appropriate that Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary will see one of Britain’s finest screenwriters come home. Russell constructed the baton that would be returned to him:

“Doctor Who, the BBC, the film business in Wales, and, let’s be honest, the entire globe has several reasons to be Extremely Excited about the future.”

However, fans became concerned when it was reported that Bad Wolf would take over the production of Doctor Who from BBC Studios, possibly costing the BBC £40 million for every ten episodes produced.

Doctor Who Season 14 Plot
Doctor Who Season 14 Plot

Importantly, The Times reported that Bad Wolf would also be in charge of “artistic direction,” but the BBC has subsequently clarified that they would continue to have commercial supervision.

“We are quite enthused about Doctor Who’s future. According to a BBC spokeswoman, BBC Studios is eventually accountable for implementing the series. This production relationship is a long-term commitment that will significantly expand the show’s and franchise’s global popularity.

Let’s hope that Russell can still leave his mark on the show, maybe giving us more positive LGBTQ+ stuff than ever before on Doctor Who.

The final episode of Flux alluded to a homosexual relationship between Yaz and the Doctor, but this was insufficient. It is time for Doctor Who to embrace the present by casting a gay Doctor in the starring role.

We would not be shocked if Russell utilized this occasion to render Ncuti’s Doctor homosexual.

Doctor Who Season 14 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 14 yet; check the season 13 trailer for now: