Earl Hebner Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life

A well-known professional referee in World Wrestling Entertainment, Earl Hebner, was known for his career as a referee. Earl Hebner net worth has been estimated nearly at $2 million.

Therefore, today in this article, we will talk about his lifestyle, net worth, family, career, source of income, car, relationship status, and the house of Earl Hebner.

Name Earl Hebner
Net Worth $2 million
Profession Referee
Monthly Salary $50,000
Annual Salary $500,000
Nationality American
Gender Male

Earl Hebner Early Life

Having said that, if you are interested in knowing where he was born and what year, I can tell you that he was born on the May 17, 1949, in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. During his childhood, he spent the majority of his time in Richmond, Virginia, raising and caring for himself and his siblings there, as well.

Earl Hebner twin brother, Dave Hebner, was also a professional wrestler and referee. Unfortunately, Earl lost his twin brother recently; however, the cause of death has not been disclosed.

During his childhood and youth, he spent most of his time in his hometown as he grew up with his brother. 


Earl Hebner Age, Height, Weight

Earl Hebner Age, Height, Weight

Earl Hebner has achieved a lot of success in his career; thus, currently, he is 73 years old. The other fact that I should mention, especially if we talk about the body of Earl Hebner, is that he is average 5 feet 8 inches in height, and he weighs approximately 78 Kgs.

Earl Hebner Personal Life

In the period between 1969 and 2000, he was married twice. Carol Ann Kettner, who was Hebner’s first wife, was the person he was married to from 1969 to 1977.


After divorcing his first wife in 1978, Earl Hebner again married Susan Ann Green, whom he married from 1978 to 2000. Unfortunately, he was no more successful with his second marriage as well.

Apart from this, if we talk about his children, then we know Earl Hebner’s son is named Brian Hebner. Not only this, but he also has a daughter, Earl Hebner daughter name is Katie Hebner.

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Earl Hebner Career

In the early stages of his career, Earl Hebner was a referee in the popular show “I Quit,” which is a type of wrestling contest in which the winner is the one who gets the opposition to quit the match.

His later career has included joining the WarGames mathematical team as a referee back in 1987. His first appearance in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) came in 1988 after years of hard work.

In that case, he was the referee for a match between Hugh Hogan and Andre the Giant that was being held in the WWE World Heavyweight Championships.

Earl Hebner Career

The Montreal Screwjob is a WCW competitor that was seemingly eliminated from the Survivor Series in 1997. During Shawn Michaels’ match with Bret Hart for the championship of the WWF Heavyweight Division, he served as the time-keeper for the ring bell to end the match.

His battle against Chris Jericho and Triple H was another reason for Hebner’s return to WWE a couple of years later in 1999. After having won the WWF Championship in a quick count-down during the match, Triple H manages to retain the title when it is the end.

After he was fired by the WWE for selling WWE merchandise without their permission during the year 2005, his year went well until he was fired from the WWE.

In 2006, Hebner left WWE and started working for Total Nonstop Action wrestling, which had recently been launched by Vince McMahon. 

Currently, Hebner works for All Elite Wrestling, which he joined when he moved to Atlanta back in 2019. Further, Earl Hebner also seems to be quite active on the web on his social media sites; he has an Instagram account, for example.

Earl Hebner Net Worth

Approximately $2 million has been estimated to be Earl Hebner’s net worth as of 2021. During his late-career, Earl Hebner earned a high level of success in the wrestling world as a wrestling referee.

Additionally, he uses his own business as another source of income in order to supplement his income from employment.

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Earl Hebner Car

In terms of his car collection, Earl Hebner hasn’t disclosed much. Although, we have done a lot of research into his cars and we have come up with some information about them now.

Thus we have mentioned some of Earl Hebner cars below that he owns:

  • Lamborghini Veneno
  • Bugatti Chiron

Earl Hebner House

There is not much information available regarding Earl Hebner. But we have gathered some basic information which also includes his house.

Currently, he resides in Virginia with his family, and the house in which he is living has a worth of $1 million.

About Earl Hebner

Full Name Earl Hebner
Date Of Birth 17 May 1949
Birth Place Richmond, Virginia, United States
Age 73 years old
Nationality American
Hobbies Traveling, writing
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 78 Kg
Marital Status Divorced
Qualification N/A


What happened to the referee Earl Hebner?

He was terminated from the company. As a result of his alleged involvement in the independent sale of WWE merchandise without authorization, he was terminated from his position.

Who is Earl Hebner’s twin brother?

However, we said above that Earl Hebner has a twin brother named Dave Hebner. Dave was also a WWE referee, but unfortunately, Earl lost his brother Dave.

Do you know if Earl Hebner is in AEW?

Having grown up with him on the TV screen and in live shows, fans are now accustomed to seeing him in AEW matches as an official.

Final Word

In WWE, he was regarded as one of the best referees of all time because of his excellent work during his tenure there. Furthermore, Hebner has been working for All Elite Wrestling since the beginning of 2019 and continues to work for them.

There is one thing that you should learn from the Earl: no matter how challenging the situation may be or what you are going through, focus on your dream and vision.

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