El Dragon Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More Information Announced – View Now

There is a successful Mexican television series titled El Dragon, which is based on a crime drama. El Dragon has had a very nice run for the past two seasons and has gotten some exquisite responses and many documents.

It reached the pinnacle of the ten most watched packages on Netflix in Mexico with its first season because it was immensely profitable and acquired.


And now fans eagerly await the release of season 3 of the series. Therefore, we have mentioned every possible detail about the series, including the El Dragon season 3 release date.

El Dragon Season 3 Release Date

El Dragon Season 3 Release Date

There has yet to be an official announcement from Netflix regarding the development and release date of the third season of the series. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer for the release date of the third season of their favorite shows.


We are confident, however, that a third season will be released very soon. This can be seen from the fact that its popularity is increasing daily, which shows how popular it is.

Well, we all know that El Dragon is a very famous series on Netflix, and it is not only popular in Mexico, but it is spreading worldwide.

El Dragon Season 3 Cast

El Dragon Season 3 Cast


However, the cast for season 3 will be the same just in season 2. Therefore we have listed the name of the cast below so you have a look.

  • Sebastian Rulli as Miguel Garza
  • Renata Notni as Adela Cruz
  • Manuel Balbi as Hector Bernal
  • Cassandra as Chisca Garza
  • Juan Pablo Gil as Jorge Garza
  • Roberto Mateos as Epigmenio Moncada

El Dragon Season 3 Plot

El Dragon Season 3 Plot

Miguel Garza is a character featured in the television show, which belongs to the genres of action, adventure, and drama and revolves around his life.

He lost both of his parents as a child when they were murdered, and shortly after that, he was sent to Japan to live with his grandparents.

As a result of his training in martial arts, he became a highly-requested financial consultant and an expert in martial arts. 

A confidante of Miguel’s grandparents essentially prepared him for becoming a member of one of the largest organized crime syndicates in the world by preparing him for this role.

As an heir, he is now responsible for representing and carrying on his family’s legacy. Many doors open for El Dragon Season 3 due to the massive cliffhanger that ended Season 2 of El Dragon.

There is also a challenging situation in which Miguel is faced with a decision as to whether he wishes to become the heir to the family unit or not, which puts him in a challenging position.

The show’s third season is expected to see Miguel accepting and taking over the management of the company owned by his family. He is now not only going to manage the family business, but he will also be able to play a leading role in the financial world.

El Dragon Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for season 3 of El Dragon. However, it’s too soon to ask for a trailer for season 3.

But don’t worry, as we have mentioned the trailer link of season 2 of El Dragon. If you have yet to watch it, you can watch it now by clicking on the link below.

Where To Watch El Dragon Season 3?

As of 2022, Netflix will be streaming the third season of the Spanish-language crime drama television series El Dragon. And all the previous seasons are available on Netflix, as we all know that El Dragon is a Netflix original.

Final Word

Most of the time, a show’s ratings are the best indicator of whether it will remain on air. There is no doubt that the better the ratings, the more likely it is that the show will survive.

IMDb has given the show a rating of 6.8/10, while Rottentomatoes has given it a rating of 70% on average, which is a promising beginning for a show with a good rating.