Elite Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast On Netflix

Netflix’s Elite is a Spanish mystery adolescent drama produced by Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona. It depicts pupils’ lives at Las Encinas, a prestigious secondary school in Spain.

When three working-class kids receive scholarships from a public school, the dynamics of the elite private school shift. The narrative unfolds via the unexpected incidents that disrupt the students’ lives and relationships.


Each season of the show is built on a single occurrence that serves as the show’s underlying thriller plot.

Upon its October 5, 2018 premiere, the show received widespread appreciation for its entertainment factor and flash-forward storytelling approach, which blends a thrilling suspense thriller set in a different timeframe with an entertaining teen drama.

Elite has developed into one of the greatest television shows of the streaming age throughout four seasons.


It has been commended for covering all dimensions of adolescence while remaining true to the thriller genre’s standards. The show’s fourth season premiered in June 2021, with a conclusion that casts doubt on the fates of several key characters, leaving viewers in the dark.

While fans wait with eager anticipation to learn more about the fate of Las Encinas pupils, we’ve covered all you need to know about the upcoming ‘Elite’ season 5!

Elite Season 5 Release Date

Netflix tweeted in February 2022: “Prepare for more Elite fans since the show has been renewed for a fifth season! (And, before you ask, Season 4 has not yet begun).”


Netflix revealed the official release date is March 2022 with the release of a new teaser film featuring the season 5 core cast and the slogan “no rules.”

Elite season 5 is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on April 8, 2022.

Elite Season 5 Cast

Here is the list of Elite season 5 cast:

  • Martina Cariddi being Mencía
  • Itzan Escamilla being Samuel
  • Diego Martín being Benjamin
  • Adam Nourou will act as Eric
  • Georgina Amorós being Cayetana
  • Claudia Salas will act as Rebeka
  • Carla Díaz will act as Ariadna
  • Manu Ríos will perform as Patrick
  • Pol Granch being Phillipe
  • Andrés Velencoso will act as Armando
  • Valentina Zenere will play the role of Sofía
  • André Lamoglia being Gonzalo
  • Omar Ayuso will act as Omar
  • Isabel Garrido

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Elite Season 5 Plot

The season 4 conclusion explains the mystery of Ari’s incident as we watch Armando badly injure Ari. Armando coerces Menca into sexual advances during the New Year’s Eve celebration. Ari and Rebe come across them at the pier and assist Menca in fleeing.

An alcoholic Ari informs Armando that she intends to humiliate him before her father. Armando injures Ari severely, and her calls for aid go unanswered as fireworks explode to celebrate the New Year.

Guzmán arrives at the pier to visit Ari and discovers her hurt. He pursues Armando inside the boathouse. Guzmán murders Armando with a flare rifle and disposes of his body in a lake with the assistance of Samu and Rebe.

Season 5 of ‘Elite’ will begin immediately following Armando’s death. Guzmán and Ander are on their way to Mexico, which may be an opportunity for Samu to concentrate on his friendship with Ari.

With Armando gone, we could see Menca living a somewhat normal life in the new season. Ari, who was uninformed of Armando’s demise, assumes he escaped. Thus, the fifth season may find her with a future with Samu.

It will also represent Omar’s destiny when Ander abandons him. Along with these plots, the fifth episode, like the previous seasons, will certainly have a new occurrence that controls the flashbacks and tension.

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Elite Season 5 Trailer

Check the Elite season 5 trailer below:

Where To Watch Elite Season 5?

Season 5 will release on Netflix. All previous seasons are now available to stream on Netflix!

Are you excited for season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below!