Eminem Net Worth (RAP GOD): Updated 2022

If you’ve ever Listened to Rap Songs, There is a high chance you know who Eminem is. Born Marshall Bruce Mather III, he is arguably the most famous rapper globally. He is multitalented in the music industry, being a songwriter, Rapper, and producer.

In a society and music industry where rapping was regarded as exclusively a style of music for Black people, Eminem’s success as a white rapper who was loved more than any other rapper broke stereotypes and barriers in the musical form.


Eminem Songs are considered the classic of an Era that many people remember and cherish.

Biography of Eminem

Here we have listed the most asked Eminem Details compiled in one place to solve all your queries like, How tall is Eminem? How old is Eminem? Parents of Eminem etc.

Name Marshall Bruce Mather III
Nick Name Double M, M&M, Marshall Mathers
Date of Birth 17th October ,1972
Age 50 years of age
Place of Birth St. Joseph ,Missouri, USA
Nationality American
School  Lincoln High School
Education High School dropout
Height 5’8”
Weight 68 kg
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Dark Brown
Zodiac Libra
Father Marshal Bruce Mathers Jr.
Mother Deborah Rae Nelson
Religion Christian
Ethnicity English, German, Scottish, Swiss
Wife/spouse Kimberly Anne Scott
Kids Hailey, Aliana, Lainey

Early Life of Eminem

Eminem had a rough childhood as his mother was 15 when he was born, and his father left soon after. After which, he lived with his mother, and his dislike for his mother is evident in his raps, after which his mother also sued him for Defamation.


He started rapping at the age of 4, and later when he dropped out of High school, He used to rap with his friend Mike Ruby at the age of 14. But that is what makes the story of Eminem so interesting is how he went from that to being considered the best Rapper or simply RAP GOD of this planet.

Eminem Rap and Production Career 

Eminem’s Rap career began in the streets, where he used to Rap Battle and did odd jobs to continue writing new songs. He eventually gained the respect and fame in the underground rap battle scene, and later, after meeting Dr. Dre in 1998, he got up to bigger heights. Here is a list of Eminem Albums we have got over the years.



The fans of Eminem were ecstatic recently after the Eminem Superbowl performance with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cents, and many other Top Rappers. The star performance of the Superbowl halftime show was Eminem’s Lose Yourself. 

After the performance, Eminem took a Knee to the audience for their love creating an iconic moment. Before the show, there was even news that Eminem asked the organizers to include 50 cents in the show, or he would not perform.

Eminem’s Personal Life

The family life of Eminem has been equally as controversial as his professional one. In which he married his now ex-wife Kim Scott twice. 

After the second marriage, they again filed for divorce, and Eminem’s daughter Hailey’s joint custody was agreed upon. Eminem also has custody of Kim’s child from another relationship.

Later rumors were back about Eminem and Kim being back again but were denied by Both of them. But Eminem’s speaker confirmed that they were in a friendly and social relationship now without any disputes.

Is Eminem Gay?

There have always been speculations about Eminem being gay or not. In an interview, he jokingly mentioned in 2014 that he has been hinting at this for a long time after being accused of Homophobia. Also, after mentioning Grinder ( A gay dating app ) as one of the ways he meets new people other than through tinder and strip clubs.

But none of it can be taken at face value for sure, as we Know that Eminem loves to Troll us, and by our information, He is a Straight man.

Eminem Net worth, How much does the Slim Shady earn in a Year?

Eminem net worth

The Net Worth of Eminem in 2022 is a Whopping 230 Million Dollars. Yes, you heard it right, and it should not be surprised when looking at the huge popularity of this 50 Years old Rapper.

He is one of the highest-paid Celebrity/Rapper of all time, with an Income of 20 Million dollars per year, which is multiple of the whole careers/net worths of many other Rappers.

Eminem Net worth is also largely contributed by the years where he travels and does more shows and promotes his albums, where his yearly income even reaches 30-40 Million dollars.

Also, being one of the Top 10 Bestselling artists of all time is a testament to his Massive Net worth of Eminem. With over 170 million copies of his music sold. He is a legend like no other.

Final Words

Eminem, Slim Shady, M&M, whatever you call him, you cannot deny the effect he has on the music industry and the world, and he is an A-lister in terms of music personalities worldwide. Even at the age of 50 and over a 25 Years of career, he is still respected and active, saying something. So, therefore, people from today and those who have loved Eminem from back in the day want all the details they can on him, and we provide just that here.

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