Evil Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot On Paramount+

Evil is a supernatural comedy series about a forensic psychologist who hooks up with a priest-in-training and a technology specialist to investigate unexplained incidents.

The border between science and faith starts to blur as their inquiries continue. The sitcom, produced by Robert and Michelle King, debuts in 2019.


Critics and fans have praised the supernatural thriller, with viewers becoming engrossed in the show’s strange plot, which combines mystical with psychological games.

With the show’s fascinating second season coming close, fan expectation for a third chapter is rapidly growing. If you’re one of the fans who has been exploring the internet for information on the show’s upcoming installment, here’s all we know about ‘Evil’ season 3!

Evil Season 3 Release Date

On July 8, 2021, Paramount+ confirmed the show for a third season. The season’s shooting started on November 15, 2021, and will conclude with 10 episodes. However, this is not all.


Everyone was thrilled when show co-creator Robert King announced the project’s production had begun in November 2021.

Recently, the TV show Evil season 3 window release date was disclosed. That means we now know when the Evil season 3 will premiere. And you’ll be relieved to know about that.

Evil season 3 premiere date is scheduled to broadcast on Paramount+ in summer 2022. The exact release details will be updated soon, but for now, just knowing that the show will be available soon is a good thing.


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Evil Season 3 Cast

No official character list for Evil season 3 has been released yet, but it’s reasonable to presume some fresh faces will be introduced to shake things up, and the returning cast members will have to reprise their roles.

Fans would be displeased if Herbers, Colter, and Mandvi were missing from the third season’s episodes. It will be fascinating to see who hits the mark and who will be on the Evil season 3 lineup.

Evil Season 3 Plot

In Evil season 2, Kristen, David, and Ben pursue their inquiries into strange incidents, attempting to determine whether supernatural forces are at work in alleged miracles, hauntings, and possessed.

David is put to the test as his ordination approaches. Meanwhile, Kristen battles her darker side while Ben suffers from nocturnal terrors. The trio confronts a pupil who exhibits cannibalistic impulses in the season finale.

Season 3 will continue the exploration of science against religion by giving new puzzles for Kristen, David, and Ben to solve.

Personal demons will attempt to overcome each of them, and their common link may be their only means of escape. We are almost guaranteed to witness other monsters that will put the trio’s beliefs to the test.

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Evil Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released for Evil season 3 yet, and no previews, teasers, or date confirmation videos have been released.

How To Watch Evil Season 3?

Evil season 3 will premiere on Paramount+. Evil season 1 and season 2 are available to stream on Paramonunt+. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out now!

Evil Season 2 Ending

Now, let’s take a brief look at the second season’s finale. If you haven’t seen the second season yet, the following info will include spoilers.

David chooses to take on one more case as his consecration date approaches: Mitch Otterbein, who says a demon is attempting to lead him to commit cannibalism.

Sister Andrea then reveals a secret: she and David are both among the few million people who are near enough to God to see devils and thus are aware of Hell’s existence.

Townsend uses his new position as a Church assessor to take up Mitch’s case after David is ordained.

He summons him to a discussion of the 60 demonic overlords, where he and Sheryl force Mitch to eat the flesh of a dead guy.

Kristen discusses murdering Townsend after learning that he has been interacting with Lexis but instead approaches David to confess her betrayal and murder of LeRoux.

David betrays his chastity vow by kissing her after forgiving her transgressions. We expect many new cast and crew for Evil’s third season. That is something we cannot wait to see. Additionally, there will be more in-depth stories.

Following the conclusion that we have been waiting since the first season, the third season will provide answers. And it won’t be long until onlookers have a better understanding of the journey.

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