Fire Force Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot And All Details

‘Fire Force’ is a thoughtful manga adaptation by producer Atsushi Ōkubo, who is even recognized for making ‘Soul Eater.’ It is in a similar timeline where the Earth is wrapped in flames because of “the Great Disaster.” Tokyo stays the best city with mortal survivors.

‘Fire Force‘ chronicles the tale of Shinra Kusakabe, who enters the Special Fire Force Company 8 to battle against humans who have become corrupt Infernals via accidental discharge. Shinra maintains the amazing power to put fire to his paws at a whim, making him the nickname “Devil’s Footprints.”


Though Shinra’s history is shrouded in secret, through his battle against the Infernals, the main lead meets the section accountable for making the Infernals. As the sequel moves, the underlying story of the dreadful fate that happened to Shinra’s family is gradually disclosed.

Directed by David Productions, the ‘Fire Force’ debuted between July 6, 2019, and December 28, 2019. With the finale of season 2, enthusiasts are crying to understand if and when ‘Fire Force’ season 3 will premiere. Let’s find out, shall we?

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 debuted between July 6, 2019, and December 28, 2019. The second and last season was released a year later, from July 4, 2020, to December 12, 2020. This is what we learn from the existing system of the Fire Force anime.


No information had been provided on a possible third season. The anime did not adjust the entire manga, not the entire story up to the second season’s debut, which indicated that there was a lot of content to acclimate; because Fire Force is not yet completed, there would even have been different stories to adapt if the producers chose to do so.

But, the circumstances changed on May 16, 2022, when it was officially verified that Fire Force would be bringing the third season:

Sadly, no additional information has been delivered, so we don’t have much. Whether the creators rely on one or more 24-episode seasons, the premiere date for a possible third season might arrive sooner or later.


We have already stated that Fire Force was a certain thing as far as continuance goes – the manga is doing amazing, the story is fascinating, and there is a loyal fanbase – so this guarantee is not unexpected.

These facts usually indicate that an anime will get a revival at one moment in the future, any way of a potential hiatus, and that is what occurred here.

So, when could we hope to see it? The writer, Atsushi Ōkubo, has said that the manga is approaching its end and that they intend to complete it with volume 30, nearer than you might believe.

This suggests he’ll likely concentrate on the manga before any job on the new anime season starts. This suggests that we likely won’t be catching Fire Force before 2023.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast

As we have stated, we don’t have any authorized info regarding the third season of Fire Force, so we can assume that the primary cast from the initial two seasons, both the Japanese and English voice performers, will come back.

This, of course, relies on the shooting dates and everything else, but this has been the issue with most anime so far, so we can think that it will occur again with Fire Force, but we cannot be sure. So, who would come back? Here is a list:

  • Shinra Kusakabe
  • Maki Oze
  • Iris
  • Arthur Boyle
  • Akitaru Ōbi
  • Takehisa Hinawa
  • Tamaki Kotatsu
  • Lisa Isaribe
  • Joker
  • Victor Licht

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Fire Force Season 3 Plot

Season 2 concludes grimly as we visit the Evangelists preparing to raid Tokyo. Meantime, the city’s defenders and Tokyo’s special fire force mourn a painful reverse as the heroic captain of select Fire Force Company 4, Sōichirō Hague, is assassinated.

After the assassination, the Evangelist’s position is comfortable as the ruler orders Company 1 to unite parties with them. On the other side, Shinra and Arthur Boyle are asked to Fire Force Company 7’s headquarters, where their leader, Benimaru Shinmon, introduces them to their boundaries.

The strict exercise benefits Shinra get “The Press of Death,” and he can make an Adolla Link, which allows him to join with the past.

Season 2’s final scene depicting the Evangelists designed for the fight in Tokyo examines what season 3 will select from that very moment in the story.

The scene is set for a great match between the Evangelists and the Special Fire Force Company 8 in the location of Tokyo. Similarly, it also appears that Shinra will recreate an important role in the forthcoming battle.

Furthermore, with Company 8 now impressed as traitors, it will be fascinating to witness how they will simultaneously correct people’s confidence and protect the city.

Further, some ideas argue that season 3 might be the anime’s final season if the creators choose not to place filler episodes. Therefore we can hope to catch the ending of the epic comedy in season 3, responding to most of our questions.

Season 3 will get the excellent blend of action series and heart-touching surroundings, keeping us connected to our TV sets.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released for season 3 yet. Check the previous season trailer below for now: