GAP Season 2 Release Date: When To Expect New Season?

In addition to Korean dramas, Thai dramas are also attracting many fans and are very popular with them. Well, who doesn’t enjoy a good romantic story from time to time?

Well, if you are someone who likes to watch romantic Thai series. It is highly recommended that you watch this series, GAP, as we are sure it will be exactly what you are looking for.


In the wake of a highly successful first season, the fans of this series eagerly wait for season 2 of this series to begin. Therefore we have put together all the information regarding the series.

GAP Season 2 Release Date

GAP Season 2 Release Date

There is a great deal of curiosity among the fans of the series GAP about when another season will arrive. As the first season is still in progress, we cannot expect a release date for season 2 until the first season has concluded.


The season 2 release date has yet to be announced, however. As a result, fans will have to wait for some time till the makers do not announce any updates about the series.

On the other hand, considering the popularity of season 1 and the fact that season 2 has a very high chance of being successful. It is expected that season two of the show will be released in 2024 if it is renewed.

GAP Season 2 Cast

GAP Season 2 Cast


An important factor that affects the success of the series is the star cast, which plays a big role in determining its success. If, however, season 2 is released, then all the previous star cast from season 1 will also be appearing in season 2.

  • Becky Armstrong
  • Ponchanok Theerawan
  • Saros Nekkham
  • Natsinee Charoensitthisap
  • Jinjutha Siripheng
  • Non Ratchanon Kanpiang

GAP Season 2 Plot

GAP Season 2 Plot

In GAP, we follow the story of Sam and Mon, two women different from one another. As a result of their initial encounter, Sam quickly became Mon’s idol without her being aware.

Mon was so enamoured of Sam that she chose to work for her and praised her almost as a goddess. However, she was completely taken aback when faced with Sam’s cold and calculating exterior, which astonished her.

Mon wanted to be just like her as well. Mon gets hurt very much when Sam calls her an outsider in front of Kirk, and she doesn’t speak to Sam for the rest of the evening.

During Sam’s visit to Mon’s house, she apologizes, and the two of them have dinner with her parents to make up for it. It was a lovely evening spent with Mon and Sam after dinner, and Sam apologized to Mon for his behaviour.

Astonished by Sam’s dancing, Kirk tells Mon that he has a surprise for Sam in store for him. As soon as Jim is about to call Mon up to the stage to celebrate, Kirk gets down on one knee and asks Sam to be a part of his life as he catches the bouquet thrown by Jim.

Sam is astonished and spellbound by Mon’s tears as she sits there with tears streaming down her cheeks. This series has lots of twists and turns that make it quite interesting. If season 2 gets renewed, we can expect another amazing plot for season 2.

GAP Season 2 Trailer

It’s too early to expect a trailer for season 2, as the first season is still in progress, and we shouldn’t expect to see one anytime soon. To have a look at the trailer of season 2 of the series, we will, however, have to wait a while.

The trailer for the show’s first season can be viewed in the meantime. There is a link below that will take you to the video, and since we have mentioned the link below, all you have to do is tap on it, and you will be able to watch it.

Where To Watch GAP Season 2?

As GAP is a Thai television series, international viewers have a difficult time watching the show online due to the fact that it is a Thai television series.

But don’t worry, as you can watch this amazing series on the official Youtube channel of IdolFactory. And season 2 will also appear on the same channel.

Final Word

This is the first season of a Thai web series called GAP, which is currently airing on Thai television. It is undeniable that this series has captured the attention of viewers around the globe.

There is a great deal of anticipation among the fans of the series for the second season. As a result, we have tried to put together all the information we could get about the series GAP in this article.