Golmaal 5 Release Date: What We Know!

Golmaal is one of the most popular comedy movies in India. Well, it’s a comedy franchise that has been ruling over the hearts of many people.

There is no doubt that this movie is one of the most popular ones and has a huge fan following. The movie has released four successful parts, and the first part was released in 2006.


Now the fans of this movie are curious to know about part 5. There has been a lot of buzz and anticipation among the fans about the new part.

Therefore we brought this article for you, which says all the details about the movie, and we have also discussed some details about the Golmaal 5 release date.

Golmaal 5 Release date

Golmaal 5 Release Date


As we said above, Golmaal is a comedy franchise and has been one of the most popular films in India. The movie has enormous popularity and a tremendous fan following. Thus, every part of the movie is superhit fans have liked them so much that they were box office hits.

Now, if we talk about the release date of part 5 of the movie, the good news is that the movie has been renewed, and the makers have a green signal for it.

But the makers have not yet to reveal any information about the movie’s exact release date. We can expect the film to get released in the coming future. However, fans have very high demands from the upcoming part as the last four parts were super hits.


As per our estimation, Golmaal 5 can get released in the year 2023 because, as per the reports, we came to know that the production of the series has already started.

Golmaal 5 Cast

Golmaal 5 Cast

In Golmaal 5, the following actors will be part of the cast. And we have listed the name below. There might be some new cast also, but the makers have yet to disclose it now.

  • Ajay Devgan as Gopal Kumar Santoshi
  • Arshad Warsi as Madhav Singh Ghai
  • Tusshar Kapoor as Lucky
  • Kunal Khemu as Laxman Singh Ghai Sharma
  • Shreyas Talpade as Laxman Prasad Santoshi

Golmaal 5 Plot

Golmaal 5 Plot

Golmaal is one the famous comedy franchise in the film industry of India. In the last part, part 4, we saw that the makers tried to put some horror elements by making the movie a horror comedy.

The story revolves around the main protagonist, a girl who died, but there are a group of friends, and all of them can see her.

Thus all five friends helped the ghost Khushi to take her revenge. However, all of them, including Khushi, grew up in the orphanage and shared a great bond. The five boys meet Khushi after a long time but in different situations.

Apart from this, if we talk about the upcoming part, Rohit Shetty said in one of his interviews that he wants to put some interesting and different elements in the upcoming part, and therefore, he is waiting for the correct script.

So that he can put all the work together to make the movie successful as well as a super hit, part 5 will be a great surprise with some exciting elements other than the last part.

Golmaal 5 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no trailer available for part 5 of the movie. We can say that fans are going crazy over the movie and want to see the trailer as soon as possible.

But we have to say that they will have to wait till the makers don’t reveal the trailer. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for part 4, as mentioned in the link below.

Where To Watch Golmaal 5?

Once the movie gets released, it will be available in theatres. However, if we talk about the previous parts, viewers can watch it on Disney Plus.

In case you have yet to watch this fantastic movie and if you like to watch comedy films. Then we highly recommend you watch it, and we are sure you won’t regret it.

Final Word

Golmaal is a comedy franchise movie that has been ruling over the hearts of many people since 2006. Now it has successfully released four superhit parts, and there has been a lot of craze and anticipation among the fans regarding the fifth part of the movie.

Thus till now, information has yet to be released by the makers about part 5. So, fans will have to wait for some time.

Moreover, as we concluded, we must say that we completed our promise and mentioned all the details about the movie. Thus we hope that every detail will be helpful to you in every way.