Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date Is All Set For July 28, 2022!

Produced by Justin Halpern and Dean Lorey and depends on the so-called DC funnies personality created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, ‘Harley Quinn’ is a grown-up energetic superhero show with a touch of humor and LGBTQ dignity.

The series primarily tracks the shenanigans of the supposed DC villain as she splits up with Joker and gangs up with Poison Ivy.


Following its initial release in November 2019, the DC Universe’s initial show generated two seasons amidst large fan outcry and necessary distinction. Critics specifically mentioned the dark humor, vivid vitality, and emotional voice functioning.

Nevertheless, following the liberating conclusion of the second season, you may wonder about the series’ future. In that matter, let us dribble all the beans, therefore.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date

HBO Max revealed that Harley Quinn season 3 air on Thursday, July 28, via a press premiere. Three episodes will release on July 28, with one per Thursday after that.


The people after Harley Quinn season 3 don’t have a strong answer. Showrunner Justin Halpern described the Masters of None podcast, “I guess it’ll likely come out either the same end of this year or the start of next, simply because animation carries so long.” So, that’s unless end of 2022.

He also mentioned we’d get a standalone Joker episode in season 3 and that we’ll pay for another episode in a personality’s brain.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date


Harley Quinn Season 3 Cast

The cast of season 3 will be as follows:

  • Kaley Cuoco bing Harley Quinn
  • Ron Funches will perform as King Shark
  • Lake Bell will act as Poison Ivy
  • Tony Hale being Doctor Psycho
  • Alan Tudyk in the role of Joker
  • Jason Alexander being Sy Borgman
  • Matt Oberg will act as Kite Man
  • Diedrich Bader being Batman
  • J. B. Smoove will perform as Frank the Plant
  • Christopher Meloni will play the role of Commissioner James Gordon

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Harley Quinn Season 3 Plot

The second season’s conclusion is celebratory and disruptive, following the series’ nature. It starts with the stakes of marriage between Poison Ivy and Kite Man. Commissioner Gordon is sad that he never reaches the limelight.

Two-Face falls regarding the wedding ceremony of Poison Ivy, reminding Gordon that the who’s who of the Gotham corruption universe would be attending in the forum.

With his ragtag police crew, Gordon intends to detect the villains. Even at Arkham, Harley Quinn knows this consequence from Two-Face and runs to keep her beau.

After a clumsy shot, Harley tends to prevent Gordon, actually though it brings a full-blown war. Kite Man goes Ivy, while the last run the scene with Harley. Ivy eventually reciprocates Harley’s emotions, and they share a kiss.

With the lovely cliffhanger, the third season’s course will be much more difficult. We understand that both Harley and Ivy have had their fair share of unhealthy relationships. In the point of Kite Man, too, he was more active in the courtship than Ivy.

Thus, the third season will have to handle the elephant in the room – as it invites the relevant inquiry of how two people, whose adventures in love mostly comprise misuse, can offer natural affection towards each other.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Plot

The season will again chronicle Ivy’s backstory at a more significant length. The showrunners have indicated the recovery of Kite Man in the third season, although Ivy will probably not bring him back with him.

It is harrowing for Bane as Harley pulls spread his venom veins in the second season, but the series is not parting with his personality anytime soon.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Halpern comforted fans, “We’ll kill nearly any cast that’s not Harley or Ivy, but we’ll never destroy Bane.”

With a slew of LGBTQ+ authors arriving on board, the season will be more gender exposed and, hopefully, a lot more compelling. Check out the sneak glimpse of season 3!

Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer

Check the official trailer for season 3 here:


Where To Stream Harley Quinn Season 3?

Harley Quinn will release on HBO Max and only HBO Max. As noted by Deadline, the series will not be on the DC Universe service where it aired. That service is shifting away from actual programming.