Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season Of Netflix Show?

Originally named ‘Los herders de la Tierra,‘ ‘Heirs to the Land’ depicts Hugo Llor, a youthful vintner, becoming a shipbuilder. Hugo should uphold his word to the man’s family as one of Barcelona’s most revered guys – Arnau Estanyol – offers him care.

The chronological series is based on Ildefonso Falcones’ namesake novel and acts as a prequel to ‘Cathedral of the Sea.’


The story is made in the late 1300s, and the Netflix adaptation does an excellent job of recreating the 14th century’s immersive milieu. With well-known figures from Spain’s cinema and television industries involved in the production, the series has garnered considerable attention from fans worldwide.

Thus, it’s unsurprising that fans are anticipating another season shortly after the first season began in April 2022. Thus, will there be a second season? Here is what we’ve discovered!

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date

Given the lack of news on a second season, a launch date is probably an impossibility or a lie. A release date would logically follow the announcement of a second season, yet there has been no word about Heirs of the Land’s second season thus far.


However, fans should exercise patience as Netflix is well-known for being transparent and punctual with its release announcements. They’re certainly going to announce a renewal and a probable release date within the next year.

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date
Heirs to the Land Season 2 Release Date

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Cast

Heirs to the Land season 2 expected cast is as follows:

  • Natalia Sánchez
  • Pedro Moya
  • Sergi Mateu
  • Jordi Aguilar
  • Gabriela Andrada
  • Pere Arquillué
  • Maria Rodríguez Sot
  • Manel Sans
  • Arnau Alsina Coll
Heirs to the Land Season 2 Plot
Heirs to the Land Season 2 Plot

Heirs to the Land Season 2 Plot

The first season concludes on a melancholy note, with Hugo and his loved ones finally finding peace following their ordeal.


Bernat discovers the truth regarding Marta and makes every effort to save Arnau, his son with Mercé. However, as destiny would have it, he is assassinated while attempting to assault the Destorrents.

Bernat does, however, leave a little something for everyone for whom he felt responsible in his will. That is how Hugo acquires his vineyard. Hugo concludes the first episode by sharing recollections of Arnau with the little kid named after his grandfather.

If there is a second season, the show’s plot may pivot to another group of individuals in Hugo’s life.

As a result, the second part may focus on an adult Arnau. However, life is far from simple in Middle Ages Barcelona, so be ready for further drama and adventure if the series returns.

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Heirs to the Land Season 2 Trailer

Yet more bad news for fans of Spanish romance dramas, since the absence of news about a second season also means that there is no trailer accessible.

With the first season launching later this month, it would be unsurprising if the second season debuted in 2023 or late 2022.

It means that no trailer will be released until late 2022. Fans should anticipate a pleasant wait since Netflix is known for releasing trailers ahead of releasing the complete series.

Where To Watch Heirs to the Land Season 2?

Season 2 will premiere on Netflix. Go and check season 1 for now on Netflix!