Hellfest 2 Release Date: Are There Still Any Chances?

There is no doubt that Hellfest is one of the most popular movies of recent times. This is the series for you if you are a fan of horror, suspense, and thrilling stories.

The Hellfest movie is one of the most amazing shows ever. After the release of the first part, fans of the series eagerly anticipate the release of the series’s second season.

In order to gather all the possible information about the amazing Hellfest movie, we have done our best to collect all the available information. And we have also mentioned the Hellfest season 2 release date.


Hellfest 2 Release Date 

Hellfest 2 Release Date

There is a horror movie called Hellfest, which is based on the plot of a horror theme park that traps a group of girls. As of yet, the producers have not announced the release date for Hell Fest season 2.

There is still a lot to be revealed in this story. The chances of Hell Fest 2 happening are pretty good, so there is no reason to doubt it.


As far as the movie’s second part is concerned, we can expect to see it in 2023 at the latest. There is an expectation that the filmmakers will soon reveal the release date of the second and final installment of the film since it has been a long time since the first part’s release.

Hellfest 2 Cast

Hellfest 2 Cast

It is very exciting for the fans of Hellfest to learn who will be appearing in the next part of the movie. However, no particular information is available in terms of the cast for season 2. However, we can say one thing with certainty: all the former actors will appear in the next part of the movie.

  • Amy Forsyth as Natalie
  • Bex Taylor-Klaus as Taylor Ann Smythe
  • Reign Edwards as Brooke
  • Christian James as Quinn
  • Roby Attal as Gavin
  • Matt Mercurio as Asher
  • Tony Todd as The Barker
  • Courtney Dietz as Britney
  • Michael Tourek as Security Guard
  • Elle Graham as The Other’s Daughter
  • Daniel Wilson as creepy Park Owner 
  • Stephen Conroy as The Other

Hellfest 2 Plot

Hellfest 2 Plot

A story about a masked man called “The Other” is featured at the Hell Fest. As far as the fictional characters in the movie are concerned, Natalie, Brooke, Gavin, and Taylor are the main characters.

All four of them go to the horror theme park on Halloween night to celebrate the holiday. They eventually reach the place where they find a terrifying woman running from an Other that is causing them to panic.

In front of Natale, the Other killed that woman in cold blood. There is a shocked reaction among the group, but they believe that it is just a part of the theme park.

There is a photo booth in the park where Brooke discovers that The Other is taking Gavin and Natalie’s photos. With the mallet, Gavin is crushed to death by the Other, who crushes her skull.

The group started to experience a lot of terrifying things, and they eventually became separated from one another as a result. Despite their best efforts, they cannot alert the guard, and he tells them that this is all part of the park’s theme.

As a result, the Other trapped Natale many times, but she managed to escape each time. The movie’s point is when Natalie and Brooke are trapped by Others. 

Natalie stabs The Other with her knife before The Other is able to kill Brooke, which in turn causes her to become injured. 

Hellfest 2 Trailer

It has been a while since the series makers released a trailer for part 2 of the series. The makers will definitely do so in the near future, but we are still determining when they will do so.

Meanwhile, if you would like to watch the trailer for part 1, we have listed the link below for your convenience. As a result, you just have to tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the video.

Where To Watch Hellfest 2?

Amazon Prime is currently offering part 1 of the movie as a free download. Nevertheless, season 2 of the movie will also be available on the same streaming platform on which season 1 was released.

Final Word

If you have yet to see the movie, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible, and we are sure you won’t regret watching it.

It’s no secret that Hellfest has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world. Currently, the series fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the movie’s second part.