Honor Society Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Where To WAtch

For some scholars, bringing through high school isn’t only about gaining a diploma and dragging on to college. Honor Society, unique original humor arriving at Paramount Plus, is the tale of overachieving Honor (Angourie Rice) and her goal to bring into Harvard.

She’s been preparing the way to the Ivy League since she was old sufficiently to exert a planner, and she’s not around to let anything — or anyone — call in her way.


Everything proceeds as scheduled until she encounters a roadblock in Michael (Gaten Matarazzo), who transforms everything. This YA humor wishes to bring the entire family giggling as Honor attempts to bring down her competitors. Here’s everything we learn regarding the Honor Society.

Honor Society Movie Release Date

Talking about its release date, Honor Society will premiere on the Paramount Plus streaming platform on July 29, 2022, in the US and the UK.

Honor Society Movie Release Date


Honor Society Movie Cast

The cast of the Honor Society Movie will be as follows:

  • Angourie Rice being Honor
  • Avery Konrad will perform as Emma,
  • Gaten Matarazzo will act as Michael.
  • Armani Jackson in the role of Travis Biggins,
  • Kelcey Mawema being Talia
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the role of Mr. Calvin,
  • Amy Keum will play the role of Kennedy Smith.

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Honor Society Movie Plot

Honor Rose has finished the previous four years of high school doing everything correctly. She’s obtained excellent grades, started new clubs, and supported her neighborhood, making a request letter and going to her Ivy League of selection, Harvard.


When she comes to the advice of counsel, Mr. Calvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), regarding the letter, he allows her to understand it’s between her and three other scholars for the coveted offer. Honor is less than gushed when she listens to this.

She already understands which three scholars he is talking of but feels one real danger: Michael. To confirm she examines the best prospect as Mr. Calvin decides who to report the letter for, she creates a project to divert Michael sufficiently, so he forgets his midterms.

Honor Society Movie Plot

She wishes to utilize her excellent qualities to frame Michael out of the running. Her actions start small, inviting him to study while seductively placing on lipstick, and end up rather obvious as she observes him home from school.

Nevertheless, like in any different coming-of-age movie, her strategy backfires when she starts to have a desire for Michael. He appears curious from the initial exchange, but it takes a while for her to learn what she’s dropped into.

Based on her talk with her buddies, she doesn’t appear to understand how to take the realization. Will her emotions switch her plan? Who will accept Mr. Calvin’s advice? Hopefully, we will see out before the film comes to a close.

Honor Society Movie Trailer

Check the trailer here:

Where To Watch Honor Society Movie?

Honor Society Movie will release on Paramount+.