Housebroken Season 2 Release Date: Will The Show Return?

An animated sitcom, HouseBroken, is one of the most popular comedy sitcoms you can watch today. As the story unfolds, Honey, an anthropomorphic therapy dog with psychiatric knowledge, explores the dysfunctions and neuroses experienced by humans by applying what she has learned through her studies.

In May of 2021, the first season of the animated series aired for the first time. In the meantime, fans are waiting for the release date of season 2 to be announced.


Therefore we have mentioned all the details about the animated series; not only this, but we have also discussed information about the Housebroken season 2 release date.

Housebroken Season 2 Release Date

Housebroken Season 2 Release Date

There has yet to be any news relating to the release date of the second season of the animated series, which is very unfortunate since the makers have yet to reveal anything about it.


As a result, it can be assumed that fans will have to wait a little longer until the release date of the second season is announced. Since the official greenlights for Housebroken season 2 were given a while ago; the makers will soon declare the release date.

The Animated series Housebroken is a popular show that has captivated a large number of fans around the world and is sure to become a hit in the next few years.

Housebroken Season 2 Cast

Housebroken Season 2 Cast


Nevertheless, we have mentioned the names of all the actors who have given their voices to the series, as well as the names of the characters. Hopefully, the cast from season one will also return in season two.

  • Lisa Kudrow as Honey
  • Clea DuVall as Elsa
  • Nat Faxon as Chief
  • Will Forte as Shel
  • Tony Hale as Diablo/Max
  • Sharon Horgan as Tabitha
  • Jason Mantzoukas as The Gray One
  • Sam Richardson as Chico
  • Greta Lee as Bubbles
  • Bresha Webb as Nibbles
  • Maria Bamford as Jill/Darla
  • Brian Tyree Henry as Armando
  • Timothy Simons as Raccoon
  • Nicole Sullivan as Little Cookie

Housebroken Season 2 Plot

Housebroken Season 2 Plot

In Season 2, we will return to where the previous season left off when the new story begins. We saw Jill’s mother visit with her favorite bird named Nathan at the end of Housebroken season 1 when Jill visited her mother for the first time.

It is expected that the new season will answer the questions we have from Season 1 regarding Honey’s friendships and whether Honey and her friends will meet their goals.

Season 2 of the television series will continue to focus on Honey and her therapy group, as well as the unusual life experiences of animals.

This book will also show how Honey thinks and believes about the relationship between her and Chief Shel when he is trying to find clarity in his life.

Honey and Elsa’s equations will also be evolved in the second season. There will again be astonishment among cartoon fans when the story of Honey is told.

Since there isn’t much information about the plot of season 2, fans can only make predictions based on what they know about the current season.

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Housebroken Season 2 Trailer

Fox has yet to release the trailer for Housebroken, so it is yet to be available on their website. We also mentioned that season 2 has yet to be given a release date, so we don’t know when we can expect a trailer for it, so it’s too soon to expect one.

There is, however, a strong possibility that it will be released on YouTube shortly. There will be a release date announced later, but until then, fans will have to wait for it.

On top of this, we have also mentioned the trailer link for the first season, so you can watch it right now by tapping the link below.

Where To Watch Housebroken Season 2?

Shortly, Fox Original Network will release Season 2 of the animated series Housebroken season 2. Additionally, Season 2 will have its premiere on Hulu, Disney+ Hostar, and other online streaming services. The audience can watch the first season on Hulu and Disney+.

Final Word

According to IMDb, the animation series HouseBroken has received a rating of 6.1 out of 10. Housebroken is one of the most popular animated series of all time, and it has captured the hearts of many people worldwide.

We aim to give you as much information about the TV series as possible using this article, so we hope you will find it helpful.