Hunters Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

As one of the most anticipated series on Amazon Prime, Hunters’ most awaited second installment will be available within the next few weeks. 

It premiered on February 21, 2020, and its first season was welcomed by both critics and viewers, who praised the series equally. The series has received a great deal of praise for its premise, actions, and the performance of the actors who appear in it.


Despite this, it is criticized for having a confusing tone and a muddled storyline. Even though fans eagerly anticipate season 2 of Hunters, we have provided all the details about the second season in this article.

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

Amazon Prime Video launched the first season of a new series on its platform in February 2020, and a second season was announced in August last year.


There has been a lot of confusion among the fans after news of the renewal was revealed, especially about the series’ release date.

However, the launch date for Hunters’ second season would be Friday, February 17, 2023, based on the production company’s released episode schedule.

It seems that our only option at this point is to hope for the best; as we have already mentioned above, Hunters is one of the most popular series, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the series’s second season.


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Hunters Season 2 Cast

Hunters Season 2 Cast

Here is a look at what the cast of Hunters Season 2 is expected to be like:

  • Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
  • Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman
  • Lena Olin as The Colonel
  • Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris
  • Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz
  • Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz
  • Josh Radnor as Lonny Flash
  • Greg Austin as Travis Leich
  • Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones
  • Louis Ozawa as Joe Mizushima
  • Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet
  • Dylan Baker as Biff Simpson
  • Christian Oliver as Wilhelm Zuchs
  • Victor Williams as Detective Kennedy Groton
  • Jonno Davies as Tobias
  • James LeGros as Hank Grimsby
  • Ebony Obsidian as Carol Lockhart
  • Caleb Emery as Arthur – Bootyhole – McGuigan
  • Henry Hunter Hall as Sherman – Cheeks – Johnson
  • Jeannie Berlin as Ruth Heidelbaum
  • Julissa Bermudez as Maria
  • Becky Ann Baker as Commerce Secretary Juanita M. Kreps
  • Celia Weston as Dottie
  • Joshua Satine as Aaron Markowitz
  • Josh Mostel as Rabbi Steckler
  • Barbara Sukowa as Tilda Sauer
  • Judd Hirsch as Simon Wiesenthal
  • Keir Dullea as Klaus Rhinehart

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Hunters Season 2 Plot

Hunters Season 2 Plot

The Nazis seem to have only had to lie and conceal after the war if they wanted to win it. Nevertheless, many of them continued to kill individuals violently, and in many cases, the police were on their side.

There was a time when Jonah’s grandmother was killed while pursuing the Nazis. He will now take over the position that she occupies.

It is a true testament to the fact that these people have lost their humanity long after they invited a large group of people to a BBQ before killing them all, including his family, at the end of the night; this is a true testament to the fact that they have long since lost their humanity.

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As Jonah travels with a pack of hunters, it becomes evident that he can decipher cryptographic algorithms, and as a result, he becomes the leader of this pack.

He appears to dedicate a lot of time and effort to search through old archives to locate the names of potential Nazis. And to look further at what happens next, all we can do is wait for the next series season.

Hunters Season 2 Trailer

As of yet, there has not been a trailer for Hunters Season 2. There is a possibility that it will arrive soon. It would be our pleasure to take this opportunity to share the official teaser trailer for the first season of the show Hunters with you.

However, we have mentioned the trailer link below, so you can watch it in case you have not watched it yet.

Where To Watch Hunters Season 2?

Having come so far, you must surely be wondering where you can watch this fantastic, thrilling story. The first thing we learned when we looked for this series was that it was available on Amazon Prime Video.

On Prime Video, you will be able to watch the whole first season of the show. There is no doubt that season 2 will also be available on the same platform as season 1.

Final Word

A great response has been received from the audience for Hunters Season 1. It has yet to be officially announced what the storyline for Hunters’ second season will consist of, but no official announcements have been made as yet.

According to our expectations, the story that took place in the first season of the Hunters series will also be continued in the second season.

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