Is Cardinal Season 5 Canceled? Here is what you need to Know!

On May 12, 2020, fans with heavy hearts bid farewell to the Cardinal Series on Twitter. Some dismissed them and rumors and are wondering is there going to be season 5 of cardinal or not! We have answers to all your questions, just read more, and we have covered you. It might come out with another season, or it might not! 

Cardinal Season 5 Release Date

You all must be excited about Cardinal Season 5 release. However, to your disappointment, CTV canceled the next season, and Season 4 was the final wrap-up for the popular Crime TV series. The Cardinal series debuted on June 16, 2017. Though CTV has canceled the series for renewal, we never know if the fans demand more, then there is a probability.


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Cardinal TV Show Season 5 Cast

Directed by Nathan Morlando and written by Dodd Naben and Patric Whistler, the series was based on a Crime drama. As the series shall not renew, therefore, it is uncertain about the Season 5 Cast. However, miracles do happen, and we see a ray of hope, so if it happens, then you might see the following Star Cast with their varied roles:

  • Billy Campbell would be seen as John Cardinal
  • Karine Vanasse shall reprise as Lise Delorme
  • Shawn Doyle would play the role of Scott Riley
  • Cas Anvar shall portray Taj Roy
  • Carmen Moore would be seen as Sheila Gagne
  • Kristen Thomson shall return as Noelle Dyson
  • The glamorous Alanna Bale shall play the role of Kelly Cardinal
  • Glen Gould would play the role of a cunning Detective Jerry Commanda

Note: As CTV has canceled, so there are negligible chances of Season 5; however, if we expect, then these shall be the prominent actors. All of them have been listed, considering the Season 4 Cast.


Cardinal Season 5 Premiere Date

Cardinal Season 5 Premiere Date 
Cardinal Season 5 Premiere Date 

No details about Cardinal Season 5 are out yet except for one that Season 4 was the final wrap-up to the series. Season 4 premiered on April 6, 2020. 

Is there a Season 5 of Cardinal

I know amidst all the Cardinal Season 5 updates, you all would be thinking, “will there be a season 5 of cardinal” or not. As mentioned above, CTV has no plans to develop Cardinal’s fifth installment. Besides, if fans demand more, CTV might think of coming up with it. 

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Cardinal Season 5 Trailer

Cardinal Season 4 debuted with its trailer on April 1, 2020, but there are updates to the fifth one.

Cardinal Season 5 Plot

Cardinal Season is a kind of war against time to save precious lives. A sweet and jolly ending is quite away from Cardinal’s initial season plots. However, it does move closer to it but to be thrilling and full of suspense, the writers needed to make tough decisions. The series was a superhit crime drama, and it portrays how revenge can be best seen. A story without a proper screenplay is like “food without salt.” Therefore, Cardinal makers left no stone unturned to serve the best of its audience. The efforts can be seen, and fans like you were quite impressed. However, as per updates, Season 4 was the wrap-up. 

Cardinal Renewal Status

Cardinal Renewal Status
Cardinal Renewal Status

You all might be wondering whether Cardinal was renewed or not

Well, Cardinal maintained its legacy throughout an exciting and superhit journey of 4 seasons, as it had four installments. But, Cardinal was not renewed for its 5th installment.

Yes, CTV has officially canceled the show. The reason might be the lack of another plot, yet very few chances of financial reasons exist. However, the main reason popping up is the lack of a plot.

Where to Watch Cardinal Season 5?

Cardinal Season 4 was the last and final season of the Cardinal series that consisted of 6 episodes. The series was aired on CTV. It might have streamed on several binge-watching platforms later on. But, unfortunately, you cannot expect a Season 5

The Final Word

Sometimes to maintain a legacy and be in the hearts of audiences, some series need to wrap up themselves. Unnecessary plots have a huge impact on their fanbase and might irritate you. Yet, the official cancellation might also indicate that the Cardinal series is on a break. Anything might happen; stay tuned for more updates.

Did you watch season 4? Let us know in the comment section. Also, tell us what are your expectations from Season 5. You can bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the show.

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